Is this spot something to worry about on my Northcountry Blueberry?

I got this in May as a little 4" plant. Once I figured out my watering my little blueberry did pretty good (I think:blush:). Tonight I was checking my 3 blueberries over and there is a rusty looking spot surrounded by black on a leaf.

I just don’t have the experience to know if I should be concerned. Here’s a picture of the whole plant. I tested the Ph, it’s a little high at 5.9. Any thoughts? Almost forgot…earlier this summer they did get a fertilizer burn because I didn’t know to water before fertilizing, but that was like 2 months ago. There was also some hail damage to some leaves. And some tiny insect tried eating new growth till I killed them all.

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I would not worry about that at all. This time of year everything starts to get spots and haggard looking. Leaves will start dropping in the next month


Whew! I’m already worrying because the darn things won’t stop putting out new growth. It doesn’t help when the weather starts getting fall-like and then turns into 92° again. Thanks for easing my mind.

My Northblue My Northsky.

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