Is a trustworthy seedseller?

Been browsing for reviews and most of them are negative, a lot of people have either never gotten their seeds, have had 1-2 months of delay, and lastly have had funds taken from their bank account, with no product recieved and no response from treeseed even after countless attempts of emailing and phone calling.

Just wanted to know what you guys think!

It doesn’t seem to be a fly-by-night scam since it has been registered for several years (Whois but it doesn’t have great reviews on another site (

I’d keep looking for other options.

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Unfortunately I was also taken by these scammers. I ordered in Spring 2019. They took the money and ran. I emailed and called countless times for a year. Never got a response or any seeds. Despicable.

Thanks for the reply Alan, that’s unfortunate to hear - we have a severe lack of tree seed/nut sellers here in Canada, and from the looks of other folks’ reviews this company doesn’t help improve availability.