Is your zone dormant? Kansas trees are finally sleeping

We are finally dormant about a month later than normal. Kansas usually gets the last killing freezes in late October or very early November. This year we finally got hit with freezing rain a couple of days ago forcing some plants into dormancy with leaves still on some of the trees. As you can see the grass was still green and growing

It was late here too in sw Missouri. We had several days in a row of frost , one morning down into the mid twenties that really seemed to convince the trees.

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I used to bow hunt for deer, I always liked it better after the leaves would fall off of the native oak trees and you could see through the timber. No matter how warm the fall you could bet that the leaves would be off by Halloween. Not so any more, it was at least a week later before the native trees lost their leaves here this year.


Late here also in my Long Island neighborhood. My micro climate is a few degrees colder in the fall and winter than the surrounding area and yet there has only been a few very light frosts and finally a 28 degree night last week. Back to mild weather again forecast for the coming week. My Flavor Supreme pluot still looks like it is summer. It’s too warm to move potted plants into the garage.

It was early here as it has been the last couple of years.

We also had this icy weather in Omaha. Most of the trees are dormant, except for the Asian plums (Nadia too) and rose bushes. They have plenty of green leaves, although they are probably frozen by now. The grass is still green. Here is the picture of the backyard from the window. Asian plums are on the left and European plums are on the far back, they went dormant long time ago.

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What type of grass do you have there ? I guess it’s not burmuda.

My Nadia is one of the last ones holding on, too. I hope it’s ready for the winter.

I swear the cold weather follows me, it’s been warmer up north than it has been in SE MI except the weekends I went to visit family, both weekends it was colder and snowed.

All my pears, peaches and apricots in the nursery dropped their leaves a couple weeks ago. Most other trees other than the oaks are now bare. Some apple varieties refuse to give up their leaves. The falls seem to be getting later and later here. Which means we go from a killing fost to hard winter way too quickly.

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It looks like we will have at least a couple weeks to dig trees before the ground is frozen sold. Kansas is in a ice storm right now. I was in the nursery shaking ice off trees (that still have leaves) before we get more freezing rain. Im not sure if it was necessary (or even helpful) but the trees looked very sad.

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The apples I got from you last year are doing fantastic! It looks like your trees are doing extremely well this year. That’s a lot of trees.