ISO Qing Chinese chestnut trees

I planted 2 Qing seedlings in 2015 and this year I harvested a very decent crop.

A friend wants to do the same, but we are having trouble finding trees, especially at an affordable price. My original vendor is out of stock (and has been for a while).

We’d seriously consider any seedlings of named Chinese varieties. We’re looking for trees that (1) are immune to blight, and (2) produce decent sized nuts.

Does anybody have any suggestions of a vendor? Thanks.


Just a thought, why not plant some on your Qing seedling’s nuts?

Good idea. If I were 20 years old, maybe I’d try it. But I’m 70 and my buddy is a few years older. We need results while we’re still around to enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Also, this year’s crop is already roasted and mostly eaten.

Try here-

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@castanea – Thanks, that’s a great suggestion, especially as the interested friend lives in VT. The only problem is that the inventory of chestnuts seems sold out. But I’ve encouraged the friend to contact the grower. Maybe they can work something out.

I hope it works out. It’s hard to find chestnut trees this late in the season.

Maybe Covid made things worse – both less supply and more demand. I used to do all my buying for spring dekivery/planting in December. A lot of places selling apples, etc didn’t even open until then. Last year, items seemed to sell out early. This year the same. I made sure that I was done in early November.

Anyway, thanks again.

I have about a dozen beautiful 12-18" one year seedlings of Colossal chestnuts. Certified Organic, potted in 13 inch nursery pots. $15.00 each.

Cold Stream Farm sells good size Chinese chestnut trees. Be prepared to pay for shipping. Chinese Chestnut - Castanea Mollissima | Deciduous Trees | Cold Stream Farm

@Blake – My understanding is that Colossal is a Japanese-European hybrid with uncertain resistance to blight. I’ve seen enough chestnut trees die that I want near certainty. Thanks

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@scarecrow – Thanks. Maybe I’m too picky but I’m looking for seedlings of named varieties so I have some assurance of quality and size.