Ison's Order- Review

I am very disappointed with the ison’s nursery.

Placed an order for three multi-grafted trees( cherry, pear, and Asian pears ) but shipped only cherry and pear.

  1. No labels on multi-grafted trees. No idea what type of varieties I got it. I don’t think these trees are from Dave Willson’s nursery.
  2. the multi-grafted Pear tree in horrible condition
  3. No notification even item is out of stock. We need to call and request the money. Horrible customer support

Avoid this nursey if possible.

My Isons trees this year - a cherry, apple, and asian pear. The Stella cherry is significantly leafed out already, which I’ve never dealt with before. Do I need to reduce the number of leaves when I plant it, so it needs less water? it does have the largest root mass of the 3, but it also has a lot of leaves. This is my first order form Isons. They reneged on a pineapple guava, for the record. One of the few times I’ve had that happen anywhere.
Their fancy water globule material apparently is only so-so effective, as half the cherry roots were clearly not covered by it. Gravity I guess made it fall to the other side of the bundle.

Just guessing, I would say those leaves will fall off after you plant it. The roots look OK on those. I have seen plenty from other companies that came with a fraction of those roots.

I received a red heaven peach tree from them last year that was leafed out and covered in blossoms. After planting it dropped nothing. Little guy produced six peaches but I removed them all due to its size.

When a tree is leafed out but has a large root system, it is best to plant as is and water the tree heavily until it is established. I’ve done this a few times over the years with outstanding results. Don’t let them dry out!


Currently having a terrible experience with Ison’s, unfortunately. I ordered 3 blackberry plants in 2022. They all arrived in time but one (Natchez) was undersized and dead on arrival and one (PAF) was extremely weak and barely leafed out all season. It died this winter and I wasn’t very surprised.

I contacted them and asked for a replacement for the Natchez since that was dead when it arrived, but was told that I had to place a new order for next year via phone. Kind of annoying but I went along and called and got the replacement order for 2023 placed.

Then this year my order never shows up and they say that my card didn’t go through (my fault - it got replaced in the months between). They had called me once, didn’t get through, then cancelled the order. My job requires me to not have my phone on hand during the workday, so I definitely believe I didn’t pick up, but they could have texted or left a voicemail! They also had my email address this whole time!! It will take another call and another year to get a replacement for a plant that arrived dead in April 2022. It’s not that expensive to get a blackberry plant, but wow, this is just frustrating.

EDIT: Isons has contacted me back and offered to send me a replacement for the dead plant for next year, without a need for my card this time :slight_smile: So that was nice.

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