Ison's Pecan Tree Sale

For those looking to get last minute pecan trees at a good price, Ison’s is having a 3 day sale on their pecan trees. Prices look pretty good. 3 - 4 ft trees for $12.99 and 4 - 5 ft for $16.50.


I’d avoid Cape Fear and Desirable… and probably Stuart, as well, due to susceptibility to pecan scab - unless you have an appropriate spray rig.
Elliott & Amling have good scab resistance…think Sumner also… Pawnee is susceptible to scab, but might be worth taking a chance on. I don’t know anything about the Ellis or Zinner selections, but they’re claiming them to have good scab resistance.

Yes, they don’t have a great selection of disease resistant or cold resistant varieties. Amling and Elliot might be good choices for more southern locations. Sumner and Ellis are supposed to have decent scab resistance. Still, those are good prices if someone wanted to experiment, and they wouldn’t take a big loss if it didn’t work out.

This year I put in Amling, Kanza and Lakota.