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Two years ago I bought a Spicy Nectaplum from Isons. I knew the day I got it it was not a Nectaplumn as I have grown it. It didn’t have purple leaves. Plus they were plum leaves, not peach or nectarine. But I wanted to make sure. So two years now and I was going to wait for fruit. Well it’s not going to fruit this year. I was just going to blow it off, but after reading the thread on the nectaplum, I wanted it again as I lost mine in a flood. So 5 days ago I wrote them at the busiest time of year where they are shipping trees out and such. I said I can wait till next year. As I was requesting so late in the year. Yesterday they responded and said “Oh no! Replacement will be sent.”
Today USPS notified me a package from Ison’s is coming.
This is two years later, hey this company backs their products up!! I’m going to make an effort to throw business their way. We have a good one here!
It’s so pleasant to report good news about a nursery.


I have been holding off my review of them… here goes mine.

I placed 3 orders with them-

I have an order from October 2023 that still hasnt shipped (or maybe it has?)… because i live in a ‘cold state’ was what the lady on the phone said.

2 orders have shipped-

1- 3 Asian pears- I should have took pictures but i didnt… roots were maybe 2 inches max (hacked off at the nubs) and the trees looked freezer burnt… i have little faith that any will live… maybe. Worst looking trees i have bought from any nursery so far. There was plenty of room in the box for alot more roots.

2- This one had a couple of berry plants even though i am in a ‘cold state’ they shipped it anyways a few weeks ago… plants looked good… the tree did not… it looked freezer burnt but its slowly coming to life.

I did not get a tracking number emailed on either shipment… they just showed up.

I have emailed about 10 times with no human reply… only the standard reply about their shipping dates and how long that they have been in business and all kinds of malarkey.

I have tried calling them about 30 times and the only way that a human will pick up the phone is if you call the number about 5 times straight.
That human is a lady that knows nothing about my order or how to answer so she has to ask someone and that person that knows the answers never picks up the phone.

I wish i would have never ordered from them at all… but i havent seen any negative reviews only good reviews.

So for me- the worst customer service i have encountered. Worst looking trees that i have ever bought… but the berry plants looked good.
Im not a fan of their not emailing any tracking numbers. Im not a fan of their policy of me living in a ‘cold state’… and i have no idea if i will get my order from October 2023… it was the first one i ordered but last one to be received.

Just my honest review of my experience.


Funny that Ison’s comes up today. I emailed them today about my order from February. I did get a human reply within a few hours. They said they were behind due to volume of orders but would try ship mine this week to Virginia. I ordered grapes, blueberries and one apple tree.

Kinda disappointing to get trees from Grandpa and Fedco in March and still waiting on Ison’s a week from May.


Wow, ok thanks for the reviews. Keep them coming.

By the way, my cousin ordered the same day as he called me to ask about blueberries to order. His came mid March and was very pleased with the plants and how well packed.

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Last year I ordered strawberry plugs from them in the fall and they showed up on time and looking great.

This season (December '23) I ordered some Darrow blackberries, Vanessa grapes, and a couple of Jostaberries. They arrived at the end of March which was perfect and they all looked great. I did receive a notification when they were shipped.

Haven’t ordered any trees from them so far though. Maybe they’re not so great at trees? I wonder if they outsource the trees.


They must it’s a huge operation. Even those who bud on rootstocks and grow them and sell outsource trees they lost or don’t do.
Here in Michigan grandpas nursery gets its trees from its wholesale parent company ( forgot name?). One year Adam’s nursery out of state had some crop failures and the Michigan wholesaler helped them out. They all know each other.


I ordered from Ison’s this year. I wanted to try them due to their warranty—reassuring for someone newer. A pair of apricots and jujubes on one of their end of year sales. It took some time to arrive and they had pretty good roots. One of the apricots was sickly. It looked like bacterial canker so I called right away.

The lady on the phone seemed overwhelmed and not as helpful as I hoped. I emailed instead as their paperwork said they’d make it right and they did—they shipped a new apricot that was stunning.

I would order from them again!

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I purchased a red haven peach tree and a peacottum tree from them three years ago. I forget what else I bought from them, but everything was of decent to high quantity upon arrival.

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The strawberries I got from them this year grew perfectly great. Don’t know about their other things.


I got my replacement tree yesterday. It is a nice small whip. I prefer small whips so I can shape how I want. I headed it at 18 inches or so. It has lots of Bud’s starting to break. I can see leaves are red it’s the right tree yeah!!” About time I replaced my nectaplum. I miss those huge nectarines.


My order arrived May 3rd. There was a tag on the box saying ship late March which was my requested date. Everything was leafed out so I pruned back hard and hope for the best.

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I had a terrible experience with them2 years ago

Just order muscadines and you’ll be fine

But all the other stuff I think they buy from other nurseries and resale.

My experience has been negative on non muscadines

Other problem is they wait until they have everything until they ship. So if you order 9 muscadine and 1 currant they’ll hold up sending you the muscadine that they have in abundance until they order and receive the currant from another 3rd party.

Stick with their core business…which is muscadine…and you’ll have a good experience. All else is taking chances

My experience


That\s good to know!

Seems mixed reviews. Some terribly bad ones too! I’m happy they are correcting a mistake. The new tree is correct, and I planted it out.

I headed it fairly hard. This is going to be a low tree. I have to keep those top buds in check. I’ll probably prune them in a couple months. This tree is just a glorified nectarine. The tree itself is beautiful. The colors the fruit turns as it ripens is awesome.
Spice Zee Nectaplum

I’ve had some good luck with them too but I’ve only ordered berries and vines. There are a few nurseries out there, and I think Ison’s is one, that you really have to order early to get in queue and get your stuff at a reasonable time. Like order as soon as things are available on the website for the year. Fedco seems that way too. When I order too late from them things end up coming too late in the season for my personal liking and I end up with more failures.

After doing this for over a decade now, I’m looking at adding material by cloning or trading. Instead of buying a peach tree, grow out a seed to use as rootstock and trade even buy scion and you can have a new tree for under 20 bucks. Even Mark in Kansas, a commercial grower with 3 to 500 trees does this. Get a great peach and clone five more trees for pretty much free! I just want a good yellow and a good white and I’ll be happy.


As of today my issues with Ison’s has been resolved. Long story short i ordered from them 7 months ago today… and after trying to get in touch with them by calling and emailing for the past few months… i finally had to call them out and i accused them of fraud.

Since then they have been emailing me apologies…
1)They are sending me a check for a full refund. Since they cannot credit due to the time elapsed.
2)They are sending me what i ordered gratis: I told them twice that i do not want anything for free…and that was not my intentions… they are going to do it anways it seems.
3)They issued me store credit for the 2 dead trees that they shipped me.

So i get it that things happen… i will always think that somehow they forgot to send me my order and sold someone else what i paid for… i dont believe the arctic weather story really. (it didnt affect my other two orders).

In summary im going to say that their communication is beyond poor… unless you challenge their integrity then they bend over backward to make it right.

Im happy with what i received that lived… im not happy that they sent me dead trees with black dead rotten roots…those should have never been shipped.

I will never order thru them again unless its April or thereabouts…as they think i live in a very cold state that they dont like to ship to until April/May.

I cannot fathom how many other folks email them or try to call…as they sell and promote heavily on Facebook… and likely do not have someone dedicated to customer service.

Mistakes were made…but i would order from them again.

just going to chalk it up to ‘maybe next year’.

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