Issues with painting trees

Has anyone had problems repainting their trees with old paint in the process of shedding? It seems like this would seriously undermine the longevity of the next coat. I painted mine for the first time last autumn. I used the interior latex/water/gypsum mix. It is now coming off in flakes, but much of it is still attached. Maybe I mixed mine too thick. I’d like to repaint now for borers, but I seems foolish expect paint to stay on shedding surface.

Mine has never shed but that’s using only paint. I’d say it’s the gypsum that’s causing it to shed.

Yeah, it probably dries harder and more brittle. Maybe I mixed too much in. I guess I will make the next batch with just paint and water.

No problem here with the mix, and we get some wicked sun. My guess is not enough water. Painting over flaking paint is better than no paint at all.

Next time time try mildew resistant exterior latex paint.