It has rained so much here in CO that this is the first time in 2 years I have gotten winecap mushrooms

2 years ago I planted some Winecap mushroom spawn. This year has been getting super rainy and I actually have winecap coming up


if you put down fresh mulch every spring you will have them coming up for a long time.


I heard it can keep on going for 6 years according to northspore. I don’t know why it would stop after 6 years though. I just got some winter oyster grain spawn so I can hopefully use our winters to my advantage and get some winter oyster in the winter/spring time and the wine cap first part of summer.

that’s how long they lasted here. the spores get weaker over time and peter out. just start another spawn bed and spread it around again.


I know a gardener that has wine cap around his tomato plants, it is hard to believe, tomato get 6-8 hours sun every day.
I thought mushrooms need shade, but his plants are mulched with hard wood chips, about six inches & the soil grows great tomatoes.


ive had them come up in full sun. yes they dry out some but the bugs and slugs leave them alone.

I had some nice flushes this spring (the bed was about 14 months old at that point) and harvested several pounds, but with slugs in the wood chips they definitely get eaten up if you don’t get to them early. I have some coming up at the edge of a path in full sun and they were really light colored right form the beginning, whereas the ones in shade are that nice wine/brown color.

From sun

From shade