It's Finally Raining in California!



People back east think it’s weird when adults jump up and run to the window when it rains. But they do in places like Arizona.

What are people saying as far as drought relief goes? I’ve heard things are at least looking up a bit…

Looks like a few systems pass through…

“Stacked up all the way back to China” per our local meterologist:

We are on Flash Flood Warning for all of San Diego county until 7:15 pm PT. Cell phone emergency alert went off (about jumped out of my skin, lol!!) I had some flooding on my lot which fortunately has receded. I only have about 1-2" of standing water on my north side of my lot, but away from the foundation and garage, fortunately. Other areas in San Diego county are not so fortunate. Kearney Mesa is under water. Parts of Los Angeles county are also flooded. We have rain through about Sunday, then another round of rain coming in next Wednesday. And we expect this pattern to continue for some time.


Do people out there collect bins of water when it rains? Even though I’m in the northeast, I collect water from the roof of my barn to fill a 500 gallon tub. It eases the load of my well during dry periods.

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Yes, some do, but remember, many folks are on postage stamp-sized lots, so they may not have room for a lot of bins of water. I would like to do a real water collection system off my roof, but it would mean digging some really REALLY big holes in my yard to drop water collection tanks. I don’t have anywhere to put rain barrels off of my gutter downspouts (not any barrel of any worthwhile size.) Some water authorities will provide rebates on the purchase of rain barrels (1.00 per gallon up to 400 gallons), so some folks do have some rain collection systems set up. One of our neighbors down the street just moved in, and he is a landscape developer. He both 3 huge tanks (1=3,000 to 6,000 gallon tanks), and brought in his really big backhoe. He dropped all 3 tanks in his back yard, and has his roof downspouts attached, along with an overflow spout. Nice system. I have another friend in the SD Hort Society that put in about a 12,000 gallon tank in their new property. They are both civil engineers. Their house and yard system are pretty cool, as you can imagine.


Lordy, I guess I know what to expect tomorrow then. Your weather today is always ours tomorrow.

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So that’s what that stuff was- water falling from the sky. Fell on everything, not just where the irrigation was. Really weird, I wonder when we’ll receive the bill for it.


Thunderstorms of biblical proportions forecast for today here. Which in California speak is 1-2". :smile:

God’s way of saying “this is what you get for considering moving the Chargers to Los Angeles”

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Yep, a little bit of rain here and everybody loses their mind.


come to Florida some time…we’re expecting a wet raw January here is NE Fl…December was a bit drier than usual, but it’s making up for it now…

We’re under Tornado Warning, Flood Warning, Severe Thunderstorm warning. Tornado spotted about 5 miles east of me (traveling E/NE thankfully). Bow Echo. Have not seen this since I lived in N. Indiana:

I watched a video online from today (i think) of a Lamborghini driving through flooded street in San Diego… We don’t see that around here :slight_smile:

Hah, I saw that, Rob. I was secretly hoping he would stall out his Lamborghini and flood it, the dumb idiot. :unamused:

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Received 1/2 inch overnight - which is a significant amount in a single storm for us. Expecting another inch in a follow-on storm tomorrow. For the current annual rainfall season that began Sept. 1 2015 we’ve received 11 inches locally. I’ve only had to turn on my irrigation once since January. :slight_smile:

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And here in the High Desert, we’re getting strong winds.

My rain gauge is showing a total of 1.5 inches since Saturday :slight_smile:

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