It's Finally Raining in California!




Beautiful place – nowadays with a touristy downtown, resorts, estate homes, and a very modest amount of agriculture. It’s at the foothills of the Los Padres mountains and is gateway to scenic highway 33. It is separated from the Santa Paula river basin and coastal areas by a transverse range.


My wife has been annoyed with me lately for my nostalgia for CA. She’s isn’t going to let me pull her to your state and I love her more than CA. It is all the recent rain that has me swimming in fond memories (and mis-memories). It’s amazing how when I dream about Topanga Canyon it is usually during a very wet season often with a deep stream running through my fathers property, which was actually a tiny stream only during wet years. I hope you keep on getting rain through the summer. Those rare summer thunderstorms were my favorite, though back then I don’t remember a single true soaker at that time where we lived.


I sometimes have nostalgia for California’s north coast – specifically the McKinleyville-Trinidad area. And like you @alan, I selectively remember the 65 days of sunshine and suppress the deluges of rain, the fact the airport was originally a fog-test airport for the Navy, and giant redwoods grow there as weeds!


My sister lives in Trinidad (precisely, Westhaven), and my mother in Arcata, until she recently died- so in recent years that is the part of CA we have mostly visited. The rain I could bare- the problem is you can’t grow good peaches or nectarines in coastal far-north CA. For some reason I can’t sell my wife on Blue Lake either, where I could grow most anything.

No, you aren’t like me, I fondly remember the downpours in S.CA. I can’t forget the droughts either. But I guess you mean, in the select memory of our dreams, where, for me, Topanga is always moist and verdant and, for you, Trinidad is always bright and sunny.,


Unless you have a $100k/yr salary or pension – or 1/4 Indian blood, then Blue Lake is not tractable nowadays. And of course farther inland you have to deal with the treacherous Hwy 299. Nearby (to the south) spots on “Mail Ridge Road” (now labeled as Bell Springs Road and Dyerville Loop Road on Google Maps) – paralleling the Eel River halfway between Redway and Alderpoint are filling up fast.

Edit – looking at Google Maps, there are villages popping up along that road (e.g., Harris) that were once just a crossroads.


Another watering day …


It’s so windy here in the High Desert.


We’ve had some bouts with wind here lately as well. As as a result, I’ve had to start watering.


We are getting 30+ mph gusts here in Nor Cal right now.


Another benefit from California’s rain. Brady


Chance of rain here this weekend :slight_smile:


Up north as well, starting Thursday night.


Some butterfly on San Clemente Island flapped its wings to hard, so most of the rain is bypassing us.


We should be warmer then you Saturday/Sunday. Finally!


It’s been very windy here in the High Desert for five days in a row.


I’ve had enough with the wind. It’s been brutal.


Welcome to 410 ppm CO2.


Looks like summer has arrived with all her furry.
My newly planted Namwah banana is not appreciating it.


The mulch looks great. I’d create a perimeter around that Namwa containing at least a 3’ x 3’ area, then soak the entire area every time you water. With the current temperatures, that might be every 5 days.