Its happening!

Looks like I’ll be joining the cider club soon.
A bit of a rebuild is in order first.


Beautiful. Someday, whenever that is, I’ll have apples and deciding what to do. Or, crab’s.


This is 100% apples with most of any sugars fermented away/ off. This is BlindPig Curtis Orchard Hard Cider’.

Right now, I have no need for cider. This is the world’s premier cider. It’s healthy.

I’m pouring it from a kegerator.


If that was brand new I could not even imagine the price. You can buy replacement baskets, but they will not have the quality of those. I love that thing. No work.
I bought a much smaller press last year.

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A friend of ours brought his only slightly less formidable rebuilt 19th century cider press. Our own Happy Valley press was relegated to the kids. He only brought it once because he bought a new but smaller pickup truck and the press wouldn’t fit.