Jack Keller Passed away The most popular winemaking site

I talked with him On Wine press US (forum)
He was very smart, He had common sense and was helpful
like a lot of Smart people sometimes they do not have common sense

He did answer questions completely most people were being helpful,
but may have missed fine points being asked he was thorough.


I have sites to bring back old sites I do not know right now

I did find this online
web archive way way back machine
this was the calendar of 2001 so some recipes may not be listed
looked at later dates (2012 as well but this seems to have some good home page information
if anyone is trying to look into or lost Jack Kellers site I also search online, and hit cach

I hope this helps, and is not disrespectful I think jack Would want people to see what his site was about I liked how He gave brief discriptions of the fruit’s history (in some recipes)
I really like his stuff about grapes as well Native ones


2012 requested recipes


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Wow that is a long list of wine recipes, and that is just for 2012, every type of fruit we grow there is a wine in that list for it

(blog link at end of post)
Yes there is a story Where One guy said you think you can make wine with anything
what about bermuda Grass (or handed it to him) not sure of the exact story (I forgot all the details)

He made Bermuda grass wine, and won a award

Jacks Wine Blog Description:

Jack Keller talks about his winemaking and store.

Jack Keller lives with his wife Donna in Pleasanton, Texas, just south of San Antone. Winemaking is his passion and for years he has been making wine from just about anything both fermentable and nontoxic.

Jack has developed scores of recipes and tends to gravitate to the exotic or unusual, having once won first place with jalapeno wine, second place with sandburr wine, and third with Bermuda grass clippings wine.

Jack has three times been elected the President of the San Antonio Regional Wine Guild, is a certified home wine judge, frequent contributor to WineMaker Magazine, creator and author of The Winemaking Home Page and of Jack Keller’s WineBlog, the first wine blog on the internet, ever. He grows a few grapes, still works for a living, and is slowly writing a book on – what else? – winemaking.


The first Wine I was going to make was Oak leaf , but did a recipe I made up
wild grape /concord mix dilluted with water Wild grapes are acidic
Thanks to C.J.J. Berry, we now know we can make oak leaf as well as oakbud wine

(found under the winemaking in Texas Link.)

I am glad he had so many different Styles to help people be open minded
even greater because He saved a lot of my wines with his winemaking problems page
I decided to learn so I didn’t have to rely on other people , and dump a 5 gallon batch,
and his site was very useful for me.

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Thank you for that.

I think If anyone is interested
I found a way to find some recipes using the site

IN WAYBACK MACHINE – Search engine

worked for me in seconds (better then diffing all over google)

http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/agarita.asp — search broken link in here https://archive.org/
broken link into search engine of way back machine =
winemaking: agarita wine
http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/pawpaw.asp --search broken link – remove Agarita replace pawpaw
winemaking: pawpaw wines

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I hope this helps anyone
I have spent a lot of time looking up recipes on google bing
with no help

This has helped me save time so I want to pass it on
I just figured it out

So the (fruit —) between jackkeller.net/ ------.asp
what ever recipe or fruit one wants replace the previous link to search on the archives

If someone finds a more updated part I will upgrade the earlier emails, and give credit to
but I really hope anyone looking for old recipes doesn’t waste as much time as I have looking on cluttered google searches , and wasting hours of time.

I really think I will start a new topic Of this site,
so the conversations can be directed towards jack Keller
Like I mentioned I believe He would want people to see his recipes , and not be lost doing so.

I have a opened bottle of persimmon wine, I hope to drink after I wake up tomorrow
I should visit some wild tree’s in his memory on a bicycle
I did make Stag horn Sumac wine, and Carrot wine
(called carrot whiskey smelled so good of flowers so potent smelling
aged still tasted like whiskey hot flavor ) and others like Rhubarb, Blueberry, and Strawberry and a few others.

I found it helpful about his teaching of how much sugar to add to change the Musts (juice) measurement without guessing on his blog helped with reading his problems saving a batch, in dire need with mold growing , and I already knew what to do because of his site didn’t have to rely on people from a forum (mycoderma or flowers of wine add sulfites ect. happened more then once), also helped when I had Hydrogen sulfide or rotton egg smell to know to add cooper to my wine (I added oops pennies) but it did clear up the smell just not safe to drink b/c of other metals at least I know cooper worked
as well as other problems I had easily found on his problems section of his site …

I will add a good thing about measuring sugar
Good to not have to guess so all this stuff saved me time, and head ache
My rhubarb with the mold turned out great , and the other times it was just routine.

Starting out I really like to see a thorough site not having to browse everywhere
I also never used the internet until 22 so the site very much helped me get started
(Ec kraus supplies was good as well for basic stuff)

If in a gallon of water you add sugar total a pound (2 cups of sugar are a pound)
** will be a specific gravity of 1.045 %6 alcohol **

**2 pounds are 1.090 SG 12% **
(in a gallon total of water , and sugar)

**Making wine, and guessing to add sugar can be a problem **
doing simple math like this can help

(edit weighing a bucket can tell how much liquid is in it (8 Lbs. a gallon of water)
you factor in fruit as well you added)

So why this is so good
So imagine your only doing a gallon of strawberry, and you have a Specific gravity of 1.045 (6% ABV)
usually it is about around there just adding fruits, and following some recipes
you now know adding 2 cups of sugar will be 1.090 (or 12% alcohol By volume ) added to your already 1.045 sugar measurement.
and no guessing blindly adding sugar as you go.

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There is a 90.9 MB backup of the original website, if I am not mistaken a backup with 720 recipes, at least one of the people who downloaded it should still have it, are you a member of the following brewing forum? So that you could try DMing them? The Jack Keller Collection [Archived] | HomeBrewTalk.com - Beer, Wine, Mead, & Cider Brewing Discussion Community.


It’s great you guys are saving all this. We have lost so many legends and amazing people this year it is such a shame. Excellent to preserve their legacy


Thank you replying to my PM Alan

Drinking a Persimmon wine aged a year not the best time because of work , but
Thanks to Him for the tools to solve my problems I dealt with along the way

Will plan to ride, my bike, and listen to some classic rock, and some country
Visit some tree’s , and have a nice day out.

Do not know country much but took a CD player to find new stuff I like
Or maybe listen to Bocephus (hank Williams Jr.)

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on his site
phone spell from Jack Keller’s

Pretty cool links to other web sites
I like the site what does you Phone Number spell
I already did that when sick in NOLA
(It is not appropiate here but funny good for a male to have that phone Number though,’
and something about Guitars too (A AX).)
(one of my friends was BUM NAH when I was doing this in NOLA)
Now I have a New one from the site pretty funny
(I can make fun of myself with that new one from the site –
could be good could be bad guess who you ask hahha My Mom Laughed )

Always good for Jack to keep a Smile On my face
His other Non making sites will be used as well ,help me Laugh.

Oh I had to research google for that Phone one (not archieve way back machine)

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Hope this isn’t disrespectful
Like to express Him still bringing enjoyment to me.

Just Could be entertaining for Non Winemakers too.

There is a 90.9 MB backup of the original website

Hi thanks for posting that ------ I DID SEE IT BUT
They posted it have not been on the site for 15 years
you Motivated me to POST ON THE SITE.

(hope this copy pasted attachment works)


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I was searching for his recipe on-line and found his site was done.I didn’t know what happened till now. What a sad news! I have used his recipe for many years and learned wine making knowledge from him. What a great loss for home wine makers.

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