Jacto 2 Gal. Battery Sprayer

For small jobs I have long since lost it for back-pack sprayers- to me they seem awkward and the pump arms get caught on branches as I move through my tight nursery where I do the majority of my spot spraying. My most frequent spray is deer repellent which only requires about 2 gallons of material to adequately protect my entire 2 acre (or so) nursery.

However, even when I’m tending other orchards, the back-pack sprayers are a poor form for transporting from place to place in my Tacoma. I’ve been considering a battery powered one for a long time, but the ones by brands I trust are just a little too expensive for my generally thrifty business model. Then I saw that Jacto is selling a 2 gallon number with a shoulder strap powered by a battery for about 2 bills and I bit. the 2 gallon SPS sprayers I’ve been using for the last decade cost me more than half that (they are a lot more expensive but perform better than any others I’ve tried).

I just received it and tested it and if it holds up well, as I expect from this brand, I am gong to be very pleased. It puts out a lot of spray with good reach, much more than my SPS pumped to the max, and when turned on, the pump only runs when you are pulling the spray trigger- the last battery powered sprayer I had ran constantly when turned on, whether you were spraying or not.

The battery doesn’t take up much room and it is a very compact unit which will be easy to throw in my truck. In a pinch it could easily cover a huge apple tree or a small orchard. I will let you folks know how well it holds up- I’m not as expert as Olpea at analyzing the components and their probable durability- I’m only a gardener, not an engineer.

You can order it through Amazon, but I will link my favorite independent source.


I like that. It’s rectangular and great tubing. That’s really nice.

Seems like a decent price.