Jambalaya new variety to me

Has anyone tried this hybrid variety? The best I can determine is that it is a heavy producer and starts to bloom early and grows a little slower than other varieties. I ordered 60 seeds but they sent me two packets. Each appears to have about 60 seeds. How early would you plant in cups for later planting outside? Any comments are welcome.

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Hey @Auburn … I have been growing jambalaya the past two years… got my seed from hoss tools. Here in Southern mid TN … it is a big producer… the nodes on the plant are close… so you get more fruit in less length up the stalk… I posted a bunch of pics of it last year… very good okra.

I direct seeded all mine in the garden… double rows… worked great. Okra needs heat to grow well… for me around June 1… good time to start it. You might get by mid may. Jump starting it in planter pots may give you a head start too.

Good Luck… Enjoy !