Janet's Gold Nugget Mandarin pie

Joy Of Cooking – Key Lime recipe but use 1 full cup of mandarin juice and only 1/2 cup of water, also 2 Tbsp of Kudzu root powder instead of 6 Tbsp corn starch. The crust is 100% Joy Of Cooking.


Review please!

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Man, that looks awesome!


Looks delish!

Pretty amazing … Next time though we’ll replace all the water in the key lime recipe with Mandarin juice.

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That is a beautiful pie!

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Citrus pie recipes are tricky due to the combination of acid, sugar and water. I learned long ago that one can’t make a lemon meringue pie with a “standard” lemon recipe using Meyer lemons, without increasing the juice and reducing the water.

Each citrus type requires a different recipe, simple substitution rarely works.

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ship me a sample please!