Japanese Beetle - help, I’m new!

Hi there, I’ve had a couple fruit trees for a year now and have had a lot of damage from the Japanese beetle to my little babies! I need a lot of info from basic fruit tree care to how to prevent that beetle from eating all the leaves off my little trees. Where Should I look? Thank you for all your help.image image image

Apply milky spore for next years beetles. I just knock them into soapy water once a day when they are in season

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Thanks, GeorgiaGent, I’ll check it out!

I set four lure over plastic garbage barrel homemade traps around the perimeter of my orchard. They helped tremendously. The barrels were probably overkill. The hanging sock-type ones you can purchase would have sufficed here. Gemplers sells them online, among others. Just keep them a distance from the trees to intercept the beetles before they reach your trees. The difference between the barrels and the socks is just the storage capacity of beetles.

They move in waves. Spent about two years here then moved on and have not seen many since. I put traps out as well and they worked very good, but there was just to many beetles.

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We also use the sock-type traps that work very well. I will echo that they move in waves. We had them very bad when they peaked 4-5 years ago. This year was not bad but I still used traps. Damage in the orchard has been minimal recently.