Japanese Maple best looking tree

Always looking forward for some of my none fruit trees. Transplanted some wild growing golden maples in my yard. Nice time of the year for them and me to enjoy, about 18+ feet tall.


I have 3 Japanese maples, the one in the picture is the biggest. Actually that tree was twice as big, the branch towards the house had to be removed, it’s pushing against the the side of the house. Didn’t know these maples could get that big.

Beautiful tree. Yes, japanese maples can get very large, depending on the cultivar. I have one that’s slightly larger than yours, but it doesn’t have the nice color yours does.

Some the the Japanese maples in my area have lost their leaves but others still look very good. My coral bark is bare now. I’ve I ever plant a new one I would try to find one that holds its leave the longest.