‘Jenny’ kiwi

After 3 growing seasons, heading into year 4 we have flowers on our fuzzy ‘Jenny’ kiwi. Does anyone have experience growing these? We’re in zone 6b. Not sure exactly how “self fertile” the vines will really be. Kind of wish I had planted a male.


Interesting. I just googled ‘Jenny’. I didn’t know there was a self-fertile fuzzy/deliciosa kiwi. It is evidently a hybrid. You should get fruit then. It might be worth trying to help the polination along with a small fine haired paint brushes brushed on each blossom.

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It’s relatively new! I think I might be the only person growing it in New England? Or one of very very few.

Many resources list it as hardy to zone 7 but it has survived several winters below zero degrees F now.

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