Joan j variety confirmation via new shoots?

has anyone grown joan j raspberries and remember how thornless they really were? i got some bare root raspberries that are supposed to be joan j, but i’m not sure if i trust the source; i’ve read that new joan j canes should be smooth, but mine have the red hairs seen in the photo (which will become spines? not sure). i’d wait and see how they grow except that i will pull some of these out if they aren’t actually joan j.

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To me, those spines almost make it look like a Wineberry plant…

“Joan J”



definitely not joan j. mine has smooth shoots.

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Agreed with previous posters. That’s definitely not Joan J. Mine have never had any hairs let alone that many. No idea what it could be though, perhaps something productive but not what you paid for.

thanks all! that’s disappointing, but perhaps not surprising. i’m definitely interested in thornless varieties.

i appreciate seeing the photo of joan j, stealthmayhem.

if i get some extra shoots from mine, id be glad to send you a few joan js. remind me in mid may and ill see what i got.

Looks a lot like my Heritage primocane shoots.

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