Jujube help. Anyone had a jujube lose all its leaves?

Hey folks. My Honey Jar jujube just dropped almost all of its leaves(they were still green). I’m thinking the spot it was planted in might have been too wet or I fertilized a bit too much. It might have been a bit of both. It never really took off. I dug up as much of the root ball, which was pretty puny, as I could and placed it in a 30 gallon pot next to a few pomegranates I’m rooting. Anyone had this occur? What do y’all think are the chances of it coming back are?


hj, li, and coco every now and then do that here too, and have no clue why. The branches don’t normally die though have seen some that did. Best to just wait for dormant buds to grow. Possible too much fertilizer on your part made it lose its leaves.

we don’t fertilize our trees btw.


Are those suckers from the same plant? The suckers look good so roots are probably in good shape or at least recovering.

My Li put almost no leaves out and I don’t know why, also has no fruit this year. My Sugar Cane and Sherwood right next to it look fine and are loaded. My Li did not drop any leaves just never put many on in the spring.


No, no suckers. Those are pomegranate cuttings that have been growing. Needed a quick pot up and had some space next to them.


If this plant was planted bare root, its roots aren’t enough for relatively larger plant. When I buy plants I always prune them for better establishment.

It was a potted tree planted 2 years ago.