Jujube in zone 5


bigger specimens are probably much safer, but -11F is a bit too intense for tiny seedlings, considering that some of our seedlings died during our relatively toasty 18F winters.


burntridge is relatively affordable for the caliper sizes. Ediblelandscaping seems to be getting rave reviews with the 45$ bareroots.

45$ may be outrageously pricey for any bareroot(not just jujus), but the xtra large calipers and heft have seen posted several times on one of the threads is unheard of!


I don’t think that most of EL’s jujubes are sold bare root. They just happened to have a batch from LE Cooke. I’m planning to order from Bay Laurel, who also appears to source from LE Cooke- their list matches what LE Cook produces, while Sanhedrin’s list matches DWN. The DWN tree I got was also very nice, but they don’t have as many varieties, particularly Honey Jar. I’ve ordered from Trees of Antiquity before and they also have quality trees, though only some of them are as nice as the 2 from EL/LEC. All these CA places send much nicer trees than any of the other sources I’ve tried, particularly OGW and Rolling River. Burnt Ridge is cheaper and has mid-sized trees.


there is lady in CA sales variety of common and rare Chinese jujubes. This is the one I think I am going to buy. Jujubes look like in small pear size !


Who is this lady?


A private jujubee grower who also sales extra plants she collected. There will be a private tour to her orchard and sample ripen jujubes sometimes in Sept when most of her jujubes ripe. I will wait for actual flavor report before making final decisions.


What city is she in?


30miles south of San Jose


Would you be able to tell us the name of this lady or her company and her contact info, please?

I would like to expand my jujube eating experience and would love to contact her or her company to order jujubes from her. Thanks.


I have never met her. I know her jujube collection through other garden friend in her area. I did wechat with her inquiry tree availability, size and price etc. Not sure she sale to public or not. Here is what she replies in Chinese:
你好。你在IL, 不知道枣树该如何过冬。枣树虽说很耐寒,那是对大的枣树而言,若能在地里长一年,这样下个冬天就不会冻死了。我能寄的最长的枣树是84英吋。我的枣树盆以上四尺高以上为$50/棵。邮费另算。我有大白岭枣,冬枣,梨枣,龙枣,小园枣及蛤蟆枣。其它特殊品种没有现货,要等下一年。


Will need my Chinese friend to translate it for me. Thanks for sharing.


She wants to sell trees now because she doesn’t have room for them. I don’t think she cares who she sells to. She just wants to get rid of trees.


How do you know?


I’m interested in a northern jujube


Sorry this has nothing to do with zone 5 hardiness but could you all look at these and tell me what you think? Are they for sure Ziziphus jujuba? I’ve seen pictures online that look exactly like these that are labeled Z. mauritiana but these definitely don’t have white leaf undersides. Seeds I purchased were several times larger than Z spinosa and impossible to crack without shattering the seed inside. I’m just curious as to why I have all of these different cultivars of jujube which are sold as Z jujuba but look quite a bit different than these. Does anyone have experience with these as in hardiness or graft compatibility? They germinated in may and have not flowered this year. Most have grown at least 18". It’s can be a little confusing because it seems like some of the photos online have been mislabeled. I’ve got a lot of these so I’m hoping they work out. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks very much.


The thorn, the leaf shape looks like jujube


If you try in the colder zones, seek out ones on their own roots. I’ve tried a lot of grafted ones and all of them died below the graft except possibly one. I didn’t protect them in the first winters, I think Tony may give his trees a little more care.

I looked back at my records and the one that i think is still the right cultivar is Qiyue Xian, which I think is known as Autumn Beauty. I guess I have had it for 10 years, as it was bought in 2007!


generally the most precocious too, since the rootstoc are ‘well-fed’ . Cali has plenty sunny days, compared to oregon and washington.

burntridge’s chico’s are the best deals they have among their jujus, at least from my latest purchases. They truly are x-large as advertised at their website.


I had my wife take a look. She said that it says something like (paraphrasing here):

  • She’s not sure how they will do in IL and think it is better to plant in the spring to give it a chance to adjust.
  • The biggest she has is 84" tall
  • $50, plus shipping (wasn’t clear if bare root or potted, but my wife thought she meant potted)
  • Variety list:
    Big White Mountain (Da Bai Ling)- I think Cliff England has Da Bai, but I don’t remember the “Ling” on it.

Winter (Dong)- Winter Delight?
Pear (Li)- Sounds like the standard variety
Dragon (long)- Same as Lang?
Little Garden (Shao Yen)- A new one?
Frog (Hama)- Close to Hana (another Cliff England variety), but my wife insisted that it is a “m”, not an “n”

I think Chico was “Large”, while I also got a “X-Large” Lang. How big were the ones they sent you? The Chico’s I got were 1/2" and 3/8", while the Lang was 5/8". I think the smallest I’ve gotten from ToA/Sanhedrin/EL is around 5/8, which most are in the 3/4" area and a few close to 1". But, they are at least $10 more than BR.


i guess they were not consistent, and we probably got lucky with our purchase. With the chicos we bought we had some that were at least 1/2" but also received some 3/4" or possibly bigger.