Jujube in zone 5


Please thank your wife for me. It s very nice of you and her to help me and others who are interested.

I can’t recall how late Chico’s fruit ripen, please. I thought Winter Delight is too late for New England as well as a few other varieties.

I saw Sugar Cane and Shanxi Li just start to set fruit. I don’t even knw if they would ripen in time. Only Honey Jar that has set some fruit since July.

In addition to a concern if a tree will survive zone 5 ( or even 6), another concern is if certain varieties would set fruit that ripen in time for colder zones. In a small yard like mine, I cannot afford giving the sunniest spots to jujube that won’t produce for me.


here is the fruits size,shape comparison. the lady recommend da bai lin , said it’s big, sweet, crisp and early ripe


From top to bottom, da bai Lin, frog (hama), GA866, Li, winter delight


Ba Dai Lin had nice large size like Shanxi Li. A keeper?



yes,this is the one I think I will buy.


Good luck. Please update us on how productive it is and how good it taste compare to other easy to get varieties.



Whoah! @Bede, sorry i saw your post just now. Though am almost certain it is not the ‘jujuba’ species–that you are growing those in usa broadened the possibilities.

am veering towards the rhodesian ‘mucronata’ or some other Ziziphus species from middle east/africa. Also quite curious where you bought the seeds from.


sugar cane is one of the earliest in vegas conditions, same with hj’s. Chico seems to be mid, though some stragglers ripen early. Shanxi li(the big round ones which Mr Meyer sold) seem to be mid to late.
There is another juju with the same name shanxi li have seen posted here that is elongated.


Does that say “Winter Delight”? or does it just say “winter”? I thought “Winter Delight” was Bob’s question, not the translation.


Looks more like Z. mucronata, buffalo thorn.


I asked a friend who knows Chinese


winter delight is same as winter jujubee 冬枣


do you read Chinese? I am wondering which sentence said she just wants to get rid of it. please point it out


Winter Delight is not the same as Winter in either Chinese or English.


In Chinese winter jujubee means later season jujubee. Chinese’s classification is not as accurate as Western country. Winter delighted is a type of winter jujubes,. there might be other different jujubes classified as winter jujubes by Chinese


I read through but I did not see she want to get rid of any. She listed the ones she has in hand and she has other varieties but not this year.


I know there are winter jujubes, late season jujubes. “Winter Delight” is a specific American cultivar name. I see no indication she is selling the American cultivar “Winter Delight” and so we should not confuse what she is selling with Winter Delight.


If she did not want to get rid of any, she would not be selling any. She is selling the larger ones.


Sheffield Seeds. They sell Z mucronata as well. The description says the ones I have are sourced from India and the supplier was adamant that they are Z jujuba. The descriptions I have seen say that mucronata have hook and dagger thorns while these only have the daggers so far. One thing that really threw me off was a page that said Z mauritiana and Z jujuba are labeled interchangeably in India on occasion. http://medplants.blogspot.com/2012/05/ziziphus-jujuba-zizyphus-mauritiana.html . I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see if they survive the winter. Thanks for your comments.


Nevermind - they’ve got hooks too. Maybe you’re right.