Jujube in zone 5


I guess she has multiple trees of those. She did not say she want to get rid of any, she just offers those five cultivars this year, but she also have others not listed and will be available next year.


If you want to keep them, you don’t sell them. She wants to sell them which would also get rid of them.


Dabailing is Big White Bell in direct translation by its name. It is named by its fruit shape. I worked in that group who selected it in Shandong Province, China. I do not know Winter Delight. If it is mango shaped, it is definitely not the Dongzao in China which is medium sized round fruit and the #1 fresh eating cultivar in China.



What are your top 5 varieties for fresh eating in New Mexico?



Correct. dabailng is from shandong province and was released in 1999. It average weights around 25g, but can grow as large as 80g


Thanks Shengrui- welcome to GrowingFruit! If you are who I think you are, I’ve read several of your papers/articles on jujubes and am very happy to have you posting here.

I asked my wife about this and she said that mountain and bell are pronounced the same way, but that the first symbol for each was different (“metal” for bell and I don’t remember what she said for mountain). Names can be hard to translate- there have been times where she has said that part of a variety name was a person or place, so it doesn’t really have a translation.

Do you mean that it was one of the 30 varieties that you selected to bring to NM in 2011, or you were involved in jujube research/breeding in China when it was originally developed? If it is one of the 30 varieties, does that mean that they have started to be released?

I have a graft of Winter Delight, but it hasn’t fruited yet. Maybe @Bhawkins can comment on the shape.


Dabailing (大白铃 in Chinese, bell shaped). I worked in 1990s for 3-4 years at Shandong Institute of Pomology and knew this cultivar. Another one is a melon shaped.


Dr Yao! Greetings! Your fame preceeds you. I plan to attend one of your Jujube grafting classes. Please bring us up to date with your research!



Professor Yao is here?!

We’re saved! :slight_smile:


Here are some Jujube seedlings that fruited and will be ready for a taste test in a month or so.



How old are they Tony? They look good!


The oldest is 3 years old and the rest are 2 years old.



Cool! I’ve got a couple of year old seedlings so maybe next year… :blush:


I grew them in pots. Their roots restricted tends to.make them fruits early for trial.



Did you hand pollinate them?


Yep. I did a couple of times.



When you find a contact information I would very much like to contact them also as we have over 100 cultivars some very rare in this country but always looking to expand

Thank you

Cliff England email for a full list of cultivars


Can I get and English equivalence for the Chinese for each cultivar as I can read and write Korean but not Chinese and there is now way I can translate this here

Thank you



Cliff, I don’t think this lady speaks English and have list in English.But I will ask


Here is a partial computer generated translation:

I have the Bailing jujube, the winter jujube, the pear and jujube, Long Zao, small garden jujube and frog jujube. Other special varieties do not have on-hand merchandise, must wait the next year.