Jujube in zone 5


here is the reply: she late said 冬枣is winter delight
栆树的名字有英文的。如冬枣(Dong) 是汉语拼音,但也叫Winter Wonder (是有人网上搜索结果)。大白岭Big Bell。蛤蟆枣Frog。龙枣Dragon。梨枣Li。小园枣Small Round。葫芦枣Hulu。蜂蜜罐Honey Jar。等等。


Cliff, do you have Hulu jujube, the fruits looks like have waist in the middle. Very cute looking. I saw the pictures of the fruits, but want to know how good is its flavor. Thanks


This is what looks like,picture from Internet



If I can get her email or contact info I will work with what I have a Chinese and Korean translation system program on my PC so communication is the easy part

Getting her to sell to me would be the hard part
Thank you so very much Some of this I have the and Dae Bo 大白岭 I have several versions of this Dae Bo Is the Korean Equivalence Great Bell shape

The Hulu / Millstone / Gourd jujubes the real name in Chinese is gourd shape cultivar is called ‘Mopanzao’ in Chinese

We do have many but they will not release that one out of China YET or the truly seedless One for the record

But I am always making new contacts and I will see what I can find in the future

We do have a seedless one from the Chinese embassy in the Czech republic but it only aborts the seed when lack of pollen event happens

Thank you


Cliff,you are correct, Hulu zao also called mopan zao. I was told it is not very productive. this lady has full time job,I was told her job is in plants research or plants grow area. She has a jujube collection in her jujube garden and sales extra jujube plants she grafted on her spare time.I will try to pm you her contact info


Danka / Merci / Thank you



Just taste test one of the Jujube seedling fruit. It is crunchy but a little tart. If you like acid then this one is for you.



not deep red . Interesting color


I bought 2 Li Jujube trees last year. I kept them in containers and protected them last winter with a thick layer of leaves and branches. We had -21F last winter and they survived !
They are now bout 6 ft tall.
One of my 2 trees is now fruiting (about 10 jujubes). I hope some of them will mature before our first frost.
I’m in zone5 - Montreal, Qc, Canada


That’s fantastic!!



that is amazing @CQFD ! Quebec sounds a little too extreme to grow jujus…

and even more encouraging is that one of your trees is producing even with a relative shortage of daylight hours during your growing season, on top of long winters and early autumns


Actually he should have very long daylight times during growing season that probably gives him good advantage. Very short winter days. Right?



i guess the answer is a yes and a no, if we take into account how early deciduous trees leaf out, and how late in the year they start losing their leaves. Air and ground temperature also influences this greatly. One may be growing trees in regions with longer daylight hours at the peak of summer, but if so happens trees are typically a month late to leaf out in spring, and a month early losing their leaves, the trees lose out overall.


Indeed k8tpayaso,
Very long and warm summer days up here.
Main problem up here is that all my fruit trees (apples, plums cherry, etc…) are in full bloom in May and my jujubes broke their first buds in June… started flowering in July and up untill August…
Next summer, I will make sure they are exposed to more warmth earlier in the season :slight_smile:
Ps: After years of trials (and mostly errors), I now found a fig cultivar that provides me with great figs up here, so I’m hopeful I will be able to grow jujubes :slight_smile:


Very short and cold winter days…


yes, i evidently worded it wrong, as what meant to say was that winter days are ‘longer’ because dormancy is longer where you’re at. But then again, that don’t matter much, since you’ve already proven jujus are capable of fruiting where maple trees reign supreme.
your post(for that region of canada) is the first have come across, btw-- hence my excitement :slightly_smiling_face:


This was taken on Sept 14th. Not bad for a first year all things considered.
Next summer, I will give them more warmth, earlier in the season.
A month ago, I put my jujubes next to a full sun, south-east facing brick wall. That helped.
I also added some 0-0-50 twice a week since August.
I’m really doing my best up here… and trying to learn fast :wink:


french-canadian jujus-- so sexy and alluring :heart_eyes: :grin:


I must have missed it. Which fig cultivar did you find that works great for you up there?


Yes, I think it’s against all odds that it’s working and those longer days would probably be the only way nature doesn’t work against him. And that is oblique sunlight.

That’s a good idea!