Jujube leaf disease?

I just got my first jujube trees… a sugar cane and a honey jar from a seller on Etsy. The trees are large and leafing out, but there seems to be something wrong with the leaves. They are curling up and have a warty appearance across the surface of the leaf. Some of the leaves eventually fall off.

Does anyone know what the problem may be with these trees?

That looks bad. Let’s see if @jujubemulberry , @castanea , @tonyOmahaz5, @BobVance , et al could identify the issue.

I have never seen that on a jujube. It might be a disease.
Where does the seller come from - city/state?

Did you open a few leaves up to see if anything inside them? Looks similar to some weed killers and also similar to Cottony ash psyllid damage.

The stuff all over the bottoms of leaves look a lot like green aphids to me. Suggest using a magnifying glass, if so wash the thoroughly with soapy water, if it’s aphids they will wash off. Some aphids cause this type of leaf curl. So check them closely.
Kent wa

Yes, I was thinking it looked like herbicide damage or Peach Leaf Curl if it could affect jujubes (which it can’t…).

I agree with Dennis- check for aphids. I’ve seen them on other species, but never jujubes. Where did the seller ship them from?

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never seen something like it before either. The younger leaves seem to be relatively ok, so hopefully just a transient thing. Am leaning towards a chemical exposure as others have mentioned, or maybe fertilizer overdose.

spraying the foliage with plenty water and soaking the soil with lots of water then draining might help

It came from San Gabriel, CA. The Etsy seller is StylabBeauty. I will check in with them to see if they can enlighten me.

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