Jujube malady?

My Li Jujube that’s is growing like crazy has brown dead tips to leaves. Not all of them but many. I first noticed this after a cool morning ~31-32F.

I blamed it on the weather thinking the fragile leaves got nipped but it continues----only on this tree.

We had a storm with a lot of wind and I blamed this on the storm because it occurred on the three tallest branches…

If it’s the weather it did not have an effect on the Chico. The branches that received this damage are long and upright and could have whipped in the wind stronger than shorter branches on the other tree. As a whole the tree still looks good but the browned tipped leaves are scattered through it.


it happens to our trees too, with sudden cooldowns and windy weather, especially on succulent growth. It also occurs on bare-roots from WA or OR, which seem to be shell-shocked by our hot and dry windy summers, but generally recover and adapt with sturdier growth


Thanks. Just hoping it was something transient but didn’t seem too bad. I guess the wind you had played havoc on your trees.