Jujube roots

Jujube seeds germinated 6 weeks ago in cups. I was transplanting into pots today and was surprised how long one of the roots was, circling the bottom of the cup and 12 inches long. Do jujube has tap roots? I didn’t expect to see such a long root on such a small seedling.

Yes. Circling roots can be problematic when the tree gets older constricting themselves. When growing trees in containers, I use a root pruning container system. This provides a great root system. Most jujube are grafted but I have Tigertooth grown on their own roots. When I propagate these from root cuttings, they don’t have tap roots, but I still use a root pruning container system.

With the root pruning container system I use, the tap root gets pruned at about 4" and this forces upstream branching. Trees are good in these for 12 to 16 weeks before they need to be transplanted to the 1 gal root pruning containers.

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How are those Tiger tooth jujubes doing? Any fruits? They should be pretty tall with a nice canopy by now?


They are doing pretty well. It took more years than I expected, but last year they had the first decent crop of fruit. None of the trees I’ve grafted to the tigertooth rootstock have fruited yet.