Jujube survive in IL (Long Grove) - Where to buy

Hello IL 847, Wondering if you have got Jujube planting in IL successful in the backyard. Would you please recommend the Jujube suppliers? Thank you.

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@IL847 and @tonyOmahaz5 are those who grow jujubes in zone 5. Hope they will chime in.

I grow 7 varieties of jujube and half of them fruit every year. I am at north west of Wood field mall. South west of Long Grove

After some disappointing hj experience less than an hour north, what kinds are you growing, annie? Any clearly tougher than the rest?

Hi, Mark have not see your post for a while. Hope everything is ok with you.
I have Winter, Dabailing, Frog, GA, So,Sherwood, Lang and one unknown. Lang is a bit more reliable.Mine is on its own root , even winter kills the above ground part . It still grows back from the root

Thank you and @IL847! I got a response from @IL847, who helps a lot. Then, I will order Lang and Li from Willis Orchard Company.

check their reviews…

@noogy, thanks for the remind. Look like the review is low. I’d better to follow Annie @IL847’s advise.

@IL847 Hello Annie,

We are purity close. could I have a quick talk with you at your convenience?

I suggest private message Annie. Don’t put your phone in public forum.

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I don’t know if there are local nurseries in her area that carry jujubes. We usually mail order it. Li and Lang are common. You can buy them at nurseries like Burntridge or Raintree.

Willis Orchard is iffy. I would avoid it.

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Understood, thank you.

@mamuang I found unable to send message privately. After clicking the avatar, a white circle flashes for max. one second, then it is gone and does not display for reply. Those two vendors recomanded have sold out

I think as a new member, you may need to read more posts and post more before you reach a level when you can pm.

I hope @IL847 will let you know where she bought her trees from.

I am not sure if Dr. Yao’s nursery still has the trees. Jujube - Chinese Red Date Orchard.

England’s Orchard Nursery is sold out, too.

@mamuang Thank you! that is helpful. I like to buy the large size trees, can’t waint to see them.

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@mamuang Thanks. still can’t work yet. I bourght two 6’ tall from willis. Dr. Yao’s are sold out as well. Just can’t wait, test first.

Nope, i am good…i admit i have sort of kept my head down the last 2 yrs, but good…hope you are well also. :slight_smile: