Jujube tree sources and largest fruiting cultivars

We’re planning a small jujube tree planting at our orchard (Threefold Farm) and I’m looking to order a larger quantity of jujube trees from a few nurseries. In the future I’d like to graft jujubes but for now I’m just looking to get some in the ground!

Can anyone recommend a good reliable source that offers decent-sized trees for $30 or less? I’d be looking to order in quantities of 10+. I’ve looked into LE Cooke but it looks like they’re sold out for the next few years!

In terms of cultivars I’m looking for larger fruit since we’re offering these for sale. I’m fairly settled on Shanxi Li, Redlands #4, and Winter Delight. Can anyone else recommend some tasty large-fruited cultivars?

Li, and Autumn Beauty for large fruit. Jin also gets pretty large fruit. It’s not quite as tasty as the Li varieties, but about the same as Winter Delight. Are you aware there are two completely different trees being sold as Winter Delight?

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The least expensive jujubes I have purchased are from Burnt Ridge Nursery http://www.burntridgenursery.com/Jujube-Trees/products/21/ . They might not always be the biggest but they are good size and have grown well for me. They sell for $28 and $35 and I have always bought the $35 tree. They do not stock Autumn Beauty. England’s Orchard and Nursery trees sell for $35 and $45 but he has the biggest cultivar selection in his nursery and I heard that he was going to have more cultivars available this fall. http://www.nuttrees.net. I plan to really look at his trees this season. They do not have online ordering that I can tell but I think you can call and put in an order. (If I’m wrong on this guys correct me.) Rolling River Nursery has a lot of varieties but I have not bought from them. Jujubes don’t sell cheap. I’ve written all this and just remembered that Bob Vance did a good comparison thread here. Jujube Vendor Comparison



There’s a guy in PA that’s grown a lot of jujubees. Goes by Bass I think. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Has a website, google “trees of joy jujube”. You might see what’s worked for him.

One of my projects is to ID the real Winter Delight, but I’m not recommending it until I know what the real WD is.

There are a lot of great mid size jujube varieties.


If that is Bass Samaan then he is on the Facebook Jujube growers group.

That’s a very active jujube forum!

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Largest doesn’t always mean the best tasting. For fresh eating I prefer the midsized varieties from 6 to 10g. They are also easier to dry. As for the fruit set the midsized varieties usually have much larger crop than the large ones.
In Shaanxi Li almost two thirds of fruits will dry and drop down in spite of a good pollination.

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I think there are more Euro and Asian members than American. And Aussies. Gives a really good broad perspective of trees and growers!

I never finished my reply to this! Thanks so much for the help. I’m going to go ahead and plant mostly Shanxi Li but will try others and perhaps do another planting later as I learn more.

Winter Delight is always one of the largest for me, but it is not one of the best.