Jujube - when to plant

I bought 2 jujube trees a few months ago. They’re about 18" tall. Is it safe to plant them now or should I wait until next spring. Im concerned about them surviving the winter. Should I be? I’m in Martinsville, Virginia, 7a.


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Are those potted plants? If they are, you can plant them anytime. If you are is very hot now, you can keep them in pot and plant them in the fall, Sept or even Oct.

The key is to mulch them heavily.


I think you’d be fine planting your jujube trees now. Just make sure to water them if you have a dry spell before they go dormant in the late fall. I wouldn’t fertilize them until next spring. You don’t want to encourage a lot of new growth in the late summer and fall that won’t have time to harden off and then will die back in the winter. Jujubes drop many of their small branches every winter, so don’t be worried if you see that. It’s a normal process and not resulting from excessive cold. By keeping them in pots all winter, you run the risk of either having them dry out or rot if you don’t get the watering right. It’s easier just to put them in the ground now. I’ve occasionally had late frost damage to my jujubes here in Greensboro when they’ve started leafing out in the spring and then we get a temperature drop. But they can handle more cold than we ever see in Zone 7 when they’re completely dormant.

Thank you