Jujube Zone 9 Las Vegas

I recently moved to an acre with a well in Las Vegas (Henderson) and decided it was time to plant some fruit trees…

It is nice having the option now for small orchard after going from a tract home with a back yard the size of a school bus where I had a plum, fig and pomegranate.

After doing some research I decided to give a shot at the Jujube, especially after reading the low water needs and amount of fruit they produce.

I will report as the year goes along on the progress, I have purchased several sizes ranging from instant orchard to one gallon bare roots. All were mail ordered expect for two Li and a Lang that I found local.

This is the current list planted this season-

Li (2)
Tiger tooth
Ga 866
So “contorted”
Sugar Cane

Possible in order (I will know tomorrow)

Shanxi Li

Any helpful hints would be appreciated and if you are local swing by.

Also I have fig, peach, pear, plum, pomegranate, apricot, persimmon, lemon, lime, grapefruit, kumquat, pear, muscadine vines, pluot, nectarines, almond, cold bearing avacado, pineapple guava, mulberry and some berries…

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Pinging your neighbor @jujubemulberry

thanks for the ping @bleedingdirt ! nice to know there’s now two of us in so nv in this forum!

very nice list @VegasZone9 , good luck, and congrats in advance !
re jujus, will surely have some budwood to share with you next spring, i am sure your sugarcane will have formed many branches by then.

Look into white sapote. Heat tolerant, freeze tolerant, low water usage.

I will have to check it out…