Jujubes | Caramel Flavor?

Hello! After trying an unknown jujube variety from the farmers market I am now looking to graft some new varieties onto my trees. The fruit I tried had an amazing rich caramel flavor. It was my first time tasting one like this, it was fresh with no wrinkles and fully brown colored. My mind was blown :exploding_head: now I need something like this in my garden!

I am in Fresno, CA 9b and currently have a 2 in one hole Sugarcane and Li (first time trying this planting style but I saw it done successfully on YouTube and so far it’s growing well and barely noticeable) I’ve got a small food forest area so the more versatile the fruit the better! I’m looking for options that are good for both eating fresh and dried. I’ve never tried a good dried jujube, but I LOVE dates and don’t have room for a date palm so I’m looking forward to your suggestions!

Thank you!