Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Very Occasionally I see a jujube that looks like that. Don’t know why. Rain? I rarely see fruit drop.

Sorry, can’t help


Some Autumn Beauty jujubes I picked today.


My Honey Jar is turning brown but Autumn Beauty is still green.



I got some of those mummified fruits on my Li and Autumn Beauty. But not so much on other varieties.



Are any of these larger jujubes flavored similar to or as sweet as Honey Jar and Sugarcane? I really wish these two varieties were just a bit bigger.


Autumn beauty


our trees produce duds like that too, but nothing to really worry about . Younger trees tend to have more fruit duds than established trees


Honey Jar is always later for me. None of mine are close to turning yet.


All my trees in ground 3 years or more are done now. Some in the 1st and 2nd leaf still developing


Wow! How location and the weather will change jujubes ripening process.


Sugar Cane, Black Sea and Autumn Beauty are usually first for me.


Those look incredible. Especially if they have the taste and texture of Honey Jar.

Definitely. Especially on my Shanxi Li. Very little fruit is left both on the whole tree and the graft.

Some browns, and others fall off when they are still small and green.

I suspect that this one will fall off, since it started growing so late in the season. But, it is a very good sign of things to come. This is a Dae Sol Jo graft from this spring, which already has a small fruit. That’s more than can be said for the mother plant, a GA 866, which has been in ground for 3 years with no hint of fruit.


Ant Admire.




Very impressive. What are your favorite?


Polensky jujubes. These are Lang type jujubes that are good for drying, but have much better flavor than Lang, fresh or dried.


My preferences change a little from year to year and the flavors can also change depending on the weather. But Autumn Delight, Black Sea, Chico, Sugar Cane, Shanxi Li, and Sihong always rate high. I didn’t use to rate Sihong that high because it would dry out before it became fully ripe but now I water it more and the fruits mature perfectly.


Orange Beauty jujubes.


our sihongs were quite dry and coarse this year too. The long winter/late cool downs this year delayed leafing out , and apparently, when fruits at a certain stage are roasted in >110F, they won’t get much better even when the heat subsides, or even when fruits are picked and refrigerated.

what i noticed is that the dryness actually ‘decreases’ when sihongs are dried into dates, as the coarse pulp fibers lose stiffness


@jujubemulberry, @castanea, @mamuang, @k8tpayaso.

So far here in Nebraska no other jujubes taste better and crunchier than HJ. I have hope for Orange Beauty as Castanea said the taste will surprise you!.