Jujubes- Our New Adventure


And that is just one of the reasons jujube tees are so special. When late Spring frosts wipe out crops on other fruit trees, jujubes are not effected.


Are these jujube flowers/fruit buds?
I just planted the tree this spring. Should I let it flower and fruit?


Yes they are flower buds… like mine now! :grin:


Yes and yes!


I’ll be happy to let them fruit!! (Doing the happy dance :drum::drum:


I agree with Kathy to let it fruit. Their fruit are small relatively speaking. I don’t think I would ever thin my jujbes fruitlets. The varieties I have look like fruitlets to begin with :smile:


I did what you suggested yesterday, 5/8. It’ll be a year from now for me to find out,


Very clever and with jujube rootstocks at a premium when you can even find them that is excellent advice to root the suckers.


Does anyone know of specific varieties that do well in Michigan’s climate.


I don’t know about taste but for cold hardiness, @tonyOmahaz5 can tell you. He is a zone colder than us.

Honey Jar seems to have good reviews from people growing it in varuios parts of the country.


I think Jujube will grow well from most of Z5 to all the way up to Vegas with Raf :desert: desert climate. Try the two very good tasting and easy to fruit like Mamuang recommended Honey Jar and Contorted So jujube trees.


I am so excited that the Vegas Booty Jujube is coming my way. Thanks Raf🍀!!!


When did you graft jujubes this spring?

Spring this year has been cold and rainy, even today. My jujubes are the latest trees waking up. With so little warm and sun light, the growth has stalled for days. I probably won’t be able to graft them until later next week.


Sane here, We had lots of rain in the last few weeks. Starting tomorrow the weather is heating up in the low 80s. I will graft the Jujube this Weekend when it cool down in the 70s.


I started grafting jujube on 4/7 and mostly wrapped up by 5/2. I’ll probably make a few more, but ~65 grafts (including several Vegas Booty) on 2 dozen trees is a decent amount.

Same here. I’ve got a lot of grafts with green buds showing, but things haven’t grown much yet.


I also grafted Jujube first week of April. When first week of May rolled around and I still had no takes I decided to unwrap the graft unions and take a look. I had done two grafts. One was completely no-take. Just two pieces sitting on top of each other. I redid that one. The other one was showing callausing so I let it be. Yesterday it looked like that one was about to break bud. This is my first year grafting jujube so I don’t know if they normally take this long or if I made a mistake by unwrapping them. I figured month is enough wait for me.

This is a close up.


Hi y’all. I’m new here and new to jujubes. I purchased a honey jar last year and it still hasn’t done anything. I understand they are late to wake, but when should I expect to see any kind of green? I just purchased a sugar cane to go along with the hj, but I haven’t planted it yet. The hj is still green under the bark (scratch test). I’m in zone 6b western New York, but the weather has been about 10-15 degrees on average below what normal spring temps are. 50s to 60s day time, but high 60’s and 70’s forecasted this week. Any help would be appreciated.


This is about time you will see tiny green fuzz satrts to show up. Don’t worry. Your tree is new, it takes longer to develop. The more established ones push buds sooner.


Ok, fingers crossed! Is the green fuzz evident on the main trunk or last years laterals? Or both?


Or do the old laterals fall of and new ones form?