Jujubes- Our New Adventure


In the news a few months ago, a woman travelling from Paris to the US aboard Delta stuck an apple that she received in-flight in her purse and was hit with a $500 fine in US customs.
The new scanners can “see” organic material. My son tried bring several seed packages from Thailand and was caught…He was lucky they didn’t fine him…They just confiscated everything. Somebody I know brought back some mulberry cuttings from Thailand and made it through customs…But he was under the impression that as long as it didn’t have dirt it was OK. I’m surprised that your shoes aren’t confiscated, since they can trap dirt and soil borne pathogens.


Customs does ask on the arrival form if we have visited any working farm where we have had contact with farm animals.

I don’t like to mess with US Customs. I declare everything I bring in. Still pining over 2 kilos, not lbs, of shredded pork that went into a trash bin at Chicago’s O’Hare.



We were in Mexico recently and wanted some avocados but were told we couldn’t bring them through. (This is just a small border crossing). The man in front of us had a whole sack full in a clear bag and nothing was said to him as he went through in plain site.



I took my tiger tooth out a year ago, they didn’t taste good here in Dallas. But mine were larger than yours, 2-3 times; and had a little bend. Then again, I don’t know what those jujubes are. Maybe the 2 nd crop will look different?


The last of the jujubes for me this year. This is a sour Spinoza type that I’m harvesting mainly for seed…BUT they aren’t that sour and have that jujube flavor so I will enjoy them first!



I understand what you’re talking about. It’s not a problem to get a twig(scion) or seed, even a fruit. Last year my friend brought me a full bag of pecans and hickories, without any problems. You forget that i’m living in a 3rd world country :smile:
Although we are in Europe, we are far from Western countries. Therefore, we are working on how we can and we know. I got a couple of seedlings from Slovakia and Bulgaria through my friends. How they did past borders,dont know, but I got them without problems. Thats why i’m looking for seeds and scions. It’s the best and safest way.
@Bhawkins i hope that they will be larger. That plant came from Bulgaria as my other jujube-shanxi li. In my country people don’t know about them. And if a few do have them, have a li and lang only.


I took the seed of these people from my country, but it’s not good. Tried for 2 years and nothing. Pits are empty. So i found those 2 plants in Bulgaria,otherwise I would not have had anything yet.


I am glad that I freezed 4 one gallon Ziplock bags of Honey Jar fruits. They are very tasty frozen and still retain the sweetness and taste. I will be eating 5 of this healthy fruits daily throughout the year from now on. Hopefully my 7 HJs will be in full production next years.



I’ve never tasted a jujube, does anyone know if there are any reputable businesses who will ship some fruit?


England’s orchard and nursery were advertising shipping some fruit a while back. You might check with them. But any shipped fruit is not going to compare to fresh. They lose so much in shipping.


I don’t think I have enough to freeze :disappointed:

I will graft both HJ and SC to Shanxi Li.


That’s so funny! I had a 3 yr old Blues Jam plum I was going to dig up next spring and replace with something else. None of my plums are producing yet, but RIGHT when I decided to remove the tree, I walked by it later that day and there was a dangling purple orb I had never noticed before. Now he is staying. :slight_smile:


So my Li Jujube from Ison’s arrived today. Very happy with the purchase. Now I’m thinking ahead and would like to know if any other variety can be grafted to this. I mean not compatibility wise. Just as far as the growth habits go. I’d like to graft a piece of Honey Jar. Will they grow ok together? Or will one take over the other?


I don’t have Li. @BobVance grows both so he probably could give you an answer.


None of my Li are all that old. But from the couple years I’ve had them, my impression is that Li is fairly strong-growing, while Honey Jar is a bit on the small side. So, if you do graft HJ on Li, put it in the top, on the South side of the tree.

One other note is that not all Li are necessarily the same. I’ve ordered Li from 5 different nurseries…best to make sure :slight_smile:

Actually, as obsessive as I am, I didn’t set out to order it from 5 different places. It is one of the more commonly available varieties. And as noted above, I often see larger than average specimens for Li, so it can sometimes be a default add-on to an order for more interesting varieties.


I have flower buds! This is on Chico and are largest here but they are on several of my trees.


Raf, @BobVance, @k8tpayaso, @tonyOmahaz5, et al,
My Sugar has these two suckers last year. They are very close to the mother tree. I don’t know how much roots these two have.

What would be your suggestions? Trim them off to the bases? Try to dig them up?

My concern about digging them up is that they are so close to the trunk. I don’t want to damage the mother tree.


You can graft the two suckers for now and at the base of them scrape about 2 inches of the bark and rub some rooting hormones and fill back the hole with the same dirt. Check them again for roots in early March, if they do then separate them from the mother tree then you will have another two already grafted Jujube trees.


That’s a good idea. Thanks. My jujubes trees just started to show tiny green fuzz. These naked-looking trees standing next to Euro plums full of flowers look weird.

If I were new to jujubes, I’d think the trees were dead. They are the last trees leafing out, behind pawpaws and persimmon.


i agree with Tony. Those are two good upright stems you wouldn’t want to go to waste. And he takes it up a notch by airlayering them