Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Sherwood jujube tree -


Thank you @jujubemulberry and @castanea for posting pics of full size jujube trees for @zendog.

I chaned the thread name to Our because there are many of us who have joined the adventure. Everyone is welcome.

The taste of the fruit is not for everyone. However, I dare say, the majority of people would like the taste. The biggest complaint I have heard is the size, ranging from a cherry to a plum size. It is a small wonder fruit that are packed with nutrient.


Yes, thanks very much for the pictures. The full sized trees don’t seem quite as large as I imagined so may not work where I was thinking, but now that I’ve read the thread and am tempted I think I’ll probably need to squeeze a few in. So is Honeyjar and Sugar Cane the best choices for starter trees in the mid-Atlantic or should I wait for JF&E to have Li back in stock instead of one of those?

And a question for @mamaung who I believe deals with squirrels like I do, where do these rank in terms of squirrel favorites? How hard are they to protect from them?


Squirrels have not touch them but there are a few variables:

  • Jujube trees are in the front of the house near a street. People and cars pass by occasionally.
  • Most other fruit trees are in the back. Quiet, undisturbed. Easy for squirts to steal
  • jujubes are neither large nor juicy (some are not very sweet). If those animals look for juicy, sweet fruit, they will be diappointed.

Other people can chime in if their jujubes attract squirts or chipmunks at all.


Rarely a bird will pick at jujube fruit but nothing else seems to bother them. I don’t know why.


Yeah, I get birds pecking at the topmost fruit… that’s about it so far. Though maybe the squirrels just haven’t discovered them yet.


Vegas Booty are doing good.

Thanks Raf. @jujubemulberry


you’re so welcome @tonyOmahaz5 . Glad to have broadcast it to as many folks as i can :slight_smile:


I had about 8 years of jujube bliss…and then the squirrels discovered them. I hate to have to remove all the productive lower branches so I can install squirrel baffles, but I see no choice as they cleaned me out last year.


Yeah, I had the same experience with my persimmon, once the squirrels got a taste for them, that was it.


I have to wait this long to report that of all the jujube varieties that you kindly gave me(thank you) , only one graft, Vegas Candy, has yet to show a sign of life.

Of the 19 grafts I did last month, 18 have taken. I‘m patting myself in the back now :smile:


Black Sea is a late arrival. It just starts to show green fuzz. I am very happy that it’s alive.


awesome @mamuang!
can always replace candy, but it is vegas booty i deem most valuable with the most urgent need to broadcast, so really glad to have it established in many regions of usa despite the few stems could give away. My request is for anyone who’s received it to pass on to as many folks once you have enough branches. Feel free to donate them or sell them, i don’t really care, as long as you broadcast them :slight_smile:


Will do, hopefully, in a couple of years.

By the way, what does Le Fleur taste like, please? I just like the name of it.


la fleur is a spicy juju. Many cultivars have a light flavor, but la fleur is different. Btw, did i give you “vegas spicy” budwood? All this time i thought la fleur was one-of-a-kind for being spicy, until one of our random bastard seedlings produced fruits that were more intensely spicy. The few folks that had tried it actually prefer it to la fleur, but to me la fleur tastes better. La fleur is more minty spicy, whereas vegas spicy is like an overdose of cinnamon.


I’ve got La Fleur growing well too and I’m excited about it. Actually I’m excited about a lot of new flavors this year. However my La Fleur while growing vigorously has pas de fleurs! :cry:


You also gave ne Vegas Spicy. I am curious what “spicy” in jujubes taste like!!!

When I hear spicy my mind goes to hot chili pepper :smile:

@k8tpayaso, I can’t wait to hear your comments about Le Fleur.


it is not peppery spicy–far from it in fact, but nonetheless too intense for my individual preference. If you’ve had cinnamon buns and happen to bite into the swirl where the spice is most concentrated(almost metallic taste which some folks couldn’t detect), that is what it reminds me of.

a high-voltage jolt to your taste buds if you’ve never tried a naturally spicy juju before. Its fruits are smaller than la fleur(la fleur is roughly hj’s size), but it is probably the only juju you’d prefer tiny due to the punch it packs.

speaking of tiny jujus: la fleur, vegas spicy/candy/baby have a silver lining to them as they are able to bear plenty of fruits under part-shade conditions, so will be something to look forward to(especially for borderline out-of-zone) if your growing seasons get radically shortened by late warm-ups in spring, and early cool-downs in autumn.


Same question as Zendog above: are Honeyjar and Sugar Cane the best choices for hot, humid, sometimes rainy Zone 7 Maryland (actually 7 B here) starter trees? I’ve spent a couple hours reading jujube threads that seem to keep coming back to these two.

And @scottfsmith- Scott have you given up on jujubes or are you trying again in full sun? Is rain/humidity during blossoming still the major obstacle of getting fruit set in Maryland? If so, I’ll probably pass on jujubes.


I am still trying them, I finally fenced them in so the deer can’t get the young trees and several years later they are finally getting out of deer range. In a few years I will know how they work.

I was going to spray some gibberellin this year which supposedly helps fruit set but have not done so; its not too late so I still may get around to doing it.