Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Yep! :joy::joy:


This was sold by an Asian woman who lives near Salinas, California. Some people in this group know her. She has a huge collection of jujube cultivars. Clifford England has many of them. She has some really unique cultivars such as this one named Pepper -

And various with odd shaped fruits -

I don’t remember the name of this one, but it had unusual flavor which reached its peak when the color of the fruit faded. These are not quite ripe.

Lots of jujube trees in the ground and in pots -


Can you give us her name and/or her nursery or a place she sell her trees?

Any of us going near that vicinity would love to check her trees out.


So are these known cultivars that are being dispersed. Interesting seedlings? Patented or unpatented? (Can scion wood be traded)
Does she sell trees?
…so many questions :slight_smile:


Only 1494 miles from me… I’m closer than you are @mamuang!!!


I was about volunteering you to check out the lady’s nursery. I know you would go willingly :smile:


I love road trips!!! I’ll swing by and pick you up…we’ll need to rent a truck coming back though!


These are named cultivars, probably al from China, most with both Chinese and English names. Not patented. She sells trees but is usually out of whatever is most interesting. Pepper is rarely available. I do not have it but Clifford England does.

Her name is Ying Ge, at yinggluan@gmail.com

And she lives in Gilroy, not Salinas.


Ah Gilroy, we can hit the garlic festival at the same time :blush:


She can be hard to arrange meetings with. I think she has a regular job and does this on the side.


am a bit late to this party, but better late than never… as that truly is an intriguing one @castanea ! Autumn beauty sometimes bears reddish fruitlets like that, but not as bright red as what you’ve shown, then for some reason turns totally green when they get bigger before ripening to a reddish brown.

am sure the conga -line to that juju importer is miles long !


Does Autumn Beauty show red new growth like that also?

ps Love the conga-line imagery!


i’ve seen reddish new growth on several cultivars, but not as red as that, and not consistent either(sometimes the reddish tinge is there, just as with autumn beauty fruitlets, and sometimes not, which may just be climate-influenced). Can presume what @castanea posted is consistent about producing bright red young leaves and bright red fruitlets regardless of growing conditions


Finally i got most of the varieties that i wanted :slight_smile:

Now i have: Chun, GA-866, Halina, Huping, Sihong, Sugar Cane (All potted atm)


Wow so many interesting photos of different cultivars! You make me impatient to get as many varieties as possible :grin: This year I have more success with seeds, they are sprouted good enough so im hopping to have rootstocks for grafting in the near future.
Marvin did you get those potted plants from Czech Republic?


Hello all you jujube nuts. Reading this thread (well some of it - it is super long!) has gotten me interested in possibly adding a couple of these to my yard.

Recently I lost a large maple in my front yard and I’m trying to determine what to replace it with. While I may go with something like a black gum or other landscape type tree, I’m considering options for fruit trees as well. I keep most of my fruit trees quite small to make them easier to spray, etc. so I don’t want to put in a full size apple or pear. But maybe a pair of Jujubes 15 feet apart or so, since they seem pretty low maintenance?

I’ve never eaten one and am not sure whether I will love them or not, so my first priority is that they be attractive trees. Most images that I’ve found online are either young trees or just shots of branches and fruit. Do folks have any pictures of 5 and 10 year old Jujube trees to share. I’d like to see pictures of the full tree, hopefully free standing. Can these be attractive landscape trees? I have to be realistic that I may want to sell the house down the road and this spot will be important for that “curb appeal.”

I was thinking of either Honeyjar and Sugar Cane or maybe one of those plus a Li. I’m in 7A (Arlington, VA) in case a particular variety is the best bet.

Thanks for any photos and feedback.


very, very nice! I hope you keep the trans-atlantic correspondence going with regular updates :slight_smile:


Contorted is arguably the most attractive(in full leaf or dormant-naked). For a ~5 yr old contorted, pls refer to Jujubes- my new Adventure .

there’s this old juju tree at univ of las vegas, which am almost certain is a li, and we’ve been taking yearly photos of. Here, jujus stop growing much once tree has formed a sizeable canopy at about 15 feet tall, and about 10 feet across(canopy diameter).

btw, jujus may grow faster and taller in your area, especially if lacking sunlight. Here where there’s plenty sun, they tend to mature early, prioritizing fruit production over vertical growth. Li seems to be the fastest grower overall.


Yeah, i got them from Pavel R.


Sure will :slight_smile: