Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Just received my Winter Delight from JF&E. Very nice size! Was trimmed to fit in 6 foot box


Very nice!!!


Unbelievable…and with fruitset! Awesome sauce!


My husband unpacked it…I couldn’t do without him but he does not have one OCD bone in his body. Lol. Instead of opening up the entire box he pulled it out the end…so I have a double handful of small branches, leaves, and fruit that are no longer attached. *smh. And I didn’t even fuss…this time!!! :confounded::confounded::confounded:

I was surprised at how big it was though.


Amazing! No doubt you’ll get a sample this year.


Looks like Autumn Beauty.


Hahaha. I thought that too with the long fruit!!


Is anyone out there have the Zhan Hua Winter Delight that Sophia ate in China. she said it tasted better than Honey Jar or any jujube she had eaten . I hoped my little tiny scion with a couple of green leaves hang on and thrive in a few months. Any Jujube tasted better than Honey Jar is my kind of a jujube. Fingers crossed.



My kinds of jujubes are ones of those that ripen in time before the season here is over. That’re for in ground trees.

If I put jujubes in potted, then I could graft good tasting, late ripening varieties.

Before I could do that, I need to down size my potted figs or start thinking about giving my garage to potted trees and park our cars in the yard :smile:


I’m getting some fruit set on my little tigertooth planted last fall from Edible Landscaping. It’s a tiny thing but it seems very eager to produce.


Still blooming


I got my JFaE order today as well. 4 trees all on their own roots (though I should double-check for graft unions :slight_smile: ).

You picked the right one to get. It looks like their WD are all big ones. Mine was 3/4" caliper, while the HJ and SC were 1/2" and the Lang (which was a bit of an afterthought in my order) was 1/4". The WD was 3/8" caliper where they cut it off to fit in the box (~4’ tall), so it was probably 6-8’ tall before they cut it. .

Ouch. I felt bad pulling the tree apart from the other tree in the box (2 trees per box). I lost 1 fruit in each box, but they were relatively small ones. I’m not sure of which tree (HJ or SC) had the fruit in the 2nd box, as I don’t see any on either now. But Winter Delight has several, though I’ll be happy if even 1 fruit ripens on the new trees.

You mentioned earlier that AB is one of the first to ripen, so it wouldn’t be surprising for this to be AB, given that it is apparently the first (of the 4…) from JFaE to set fruit.

In case anyone is interested, they still have more of it in stock:

Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos

thanks for the updates @BobVance and @k8tpayaso . Jfae’s self-rooted trees seem to be in robust health, showing lots of promise. It just bears repeating that the self-rooted cultivars they have successfully propagated en-masse are so intriguing, apart from exciting!

btw, the trees have ordered from are still in transit. Unfortunately for me, nevada is quite a distance from florida… i can’t wait!


Those are very good looking trees.

I’ve finally found one baby jujube plant outside my raised bed. I don’t know if it is a sucker or a seedling grown from seeds. I ate jujubes as I picked them and dropped seeds in that area, too. :smile:


Here’s something different - a jujube named Baby Red with fruit that colors up while still very small -

New vegetative growth is dark -


That’s pretty. How does it taste?


I don’t know how it tastes. I bought it in November after the fruit had already dropped.


Is this variety bred here or imported from China?


Is this variety available in the United States…? I’m intrigued!
The red new growth is really common with tropicals, never seen it on a jujube. I can’t seem to find any info about this cultivar online. Looks like a winner if it is sweet.


Whoever is selling that could make a fortune just from all of us!!



Hey Kathy,
Are you saying that we are jujube suckers? (botanically speaking, of course :smile:)