Jujubes- Our New Adventure


they don’t look at their prime, at least from what i can see. Did you just plant that tree this year, and was it just delivered from out of state?
reason i ask is because our mature hj trees’ fruits are still far behind in reaching their prime, and can safely presume that juju trees here in las vegas should ripen sooner(or not much later) than fruits on trees in WA.

injury to fruits may also result in premature ‘ripening’, wherein fruits turn color/texture due to trauma.

but if none of the above, it is also possible for jujus to bear duds as younger trees due to various factors(unfavorable root-to-stem ratio, among other things that compromise recently planted trees)


It’s probably because of your climate, or watering. Different jujubes do well in different climates. But most seem to produce sweeter fruit with more watering.


I will be trying some of them in SW Missouri in the next year or two. Unfortunately they do not sell all of them every year.


Getting excited…I have much better fruit set this year on my “getting older trees”




Honey Jar

I know it’s not as good as some trees but compared to last year this is really good for my young trees.


I hope I’ll find out when Sihong and Chico willripen for me. This year, I am just excited that their grafts, among other varieties, took.


For me Chico ripens a little after HJ but right on its heels. I can’t speak for SiHong yet here. I really hope they both ripen for you!!!


Nice. You’ve got it going on in Texas, as usual. A young ‘Chico’ was a dud for me in MO but I’ve been pleased with the others, particularly ‘Redlands 4’ and ‘Honey Jar’.


Please elaborate… I’m interested and not sure what you mean. Aren’t you in zone 9? Do you mean that another grower will be trialing your new cultivars?


Just want to let you know I took notes when my jujubes started to showed little fuzz until the day they bloomed. It was about 6 weeks.

Hope yours already set fruit by now. Mine just started to bloom.


6 weeks! Mine keeps drying off and no fruit set yet. I keep thinking that something is wrong with the tree.


How old is your tree? How many varieties you have?


I will be moving to MIssouri in the next year or two.


Even with their record for being precocious they don’t always set fruit the first year. My Autumn Beauty from 2017 just dropped the three fruits it set this year.


Nice! I live on the south side of Stockton Lake, north of Springfield, but my hometown is Joplin. Maybe we could visit sometime in the future? I’d love to pick your brain since you’ve been doing this stuff so much longer than I have.


@Susu All my jujubes are doing the same thing too. Maybe too much rain? I can’t think of any other reason why no flowers are setting.


@PharmerDrewee and @Susu,

Although jujubes are known to fruit quickly, sometimes, a few months after it is planted, it does not mean it will always do that.

Like @k8tpayaso, said, flowers drying up with no fruit set is not uncommon. One of my HJ flowered but did not set fruit, either.


Katy, I have first year Sugar Cane and Chico that have fruit. Just wondering when yours usually ripen. Have no idea how to tell when they ripe since we are close they should ripen at the same time.


Here’s a pic of mine as of today. Transplanted in April. A lot of flowers. Not even one fruit.


Do you intentionally let it branch out that high to avoid deer browsing?

Mmine branch out a lot lower than yours.


Gary, I’m not the OCD record keeper but I am an OCD picture taker…

The best I can figure from my photos last year is that Chico began ripening the end of July as I have a photo of ripe Chico’s on the tree on July 28. IMO Chico is best when it is almost all brown, or red if you want to call it that so they were just beginning to get ripe enough for me to pick. Now looking at my trees now and photos of this time last year I would say my fruit 2-3 weeks behind. Last year our frost date was February 28 and there was a horrible drought going on. This year frost was March 30ish and we had really cold weather in March and lots and lots of rain so they may actually be even further behind than that. I really can’t speak for sugar cane because mine essentially did not fruit last year. I think I got 2 small fruits and I can’t really say at what time that was in relationship to Chico. My Honey Jar was giving harvest July 12 but those fruits I pick before they get good color. My HJ now are NOWHERE near a July 12 pick date.

As for when to pick…when they taste good to you. I like Chico riper than Honey Jar. I really don’t know on Sugar Cane.

That’s all the input I have… :neutral_face:

Are you further inland now?