Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Sure. We haven’t bought a house yet but it will be somewhere in the Joplin or Springfield area.


I have been to Joblin Missouri a few times for the Marian’s day in Carthage Missouri. Nice quiet town. Why Joblin? It is a lot colder than California.


Yes. All my other trees are caged. They are a real pain. So whatever I buy now, I try to get above deer.


I grew up in SW Missouri. My wife and son like that area.


Marian days are a blast. You can actually buy jackfuit and a few other tropical fruits there, but I have never seen jujubes in SW MIssouri. I think it would be fun to sell jujube fruit at farmers markets in that area.


Definitely, If you can supply a
1000 lbs of sweet and crunchy Honey Jar Jujubes, they will be sold out on that weekend. 100, 000 Vietnamese in Carthage, Mo every 1st Weekend of August for the Marian pilgrimage and loved to eat any tropical fruits. I saw a semi truck of Jack fruits sold out in a day. Lol.


My jujubes are on raised bed so they are “tall” to begin with. After only 3 years, they are getting quite tall now. I don’t think I will let it grow to full size. It’s hard to harvest fruit high up.

May need to invest in a good fruit picker.


Katy, I am a little over 50 miles from the coast now. Still a ways from you but closer than anyone here except Ike. I assume my harvest date will be about a week before yours.


That would probably be about right. You’ll have to let me know when yours are ready.


Another new cultivar bought here in California. Here’s a photo of the Chinese name -

And here’s the fruit, which has pretty good size for this time of year -


Another Chinese cultivar -

And the fruit -


Frog -


Are you trees in pots? Will you move them with you when you move? I imagine it’d be very hard to leave those lovely trees behind.


Porterville - the fruit has a sweet/sour flavor and can get pretty large. Not many people seem to have it anymore.


Yes, they are in pots and I will take them with me.


The first chinese word is: winter
2nd one is: Da Bai Ling ( name of the location).


Good to know. Thank you!


Wow Vegas Spicy sounds amazing!!!


have to say it is more of a curio than a dessert-quality cultivar, but yes, am in a hurry to broadcast budwood to as many folks as quickly as i can.

it really is spicy, so quite a departure from most other varieties.


I am going to have fruit this year from

Li from

  1. Burnt Ridge
  2. Raf/Vegas
  3. England’s orchard

Will there be a difference?

Autumn Beauty from

  1. OGW
  2. Raf/Vegas

Winter Delight from

  1. JF&E
  2. Castanea/Cali