Jujubes- Our New Adventure


I would love to see some photos of your trees this fall with all the fruits load.


I got about 30 jujube suckers that need to be mow down tomorrow. No more room for them.


@jujubemulberry. Here is the Vegas Booty jujube fruit.


All your suckers are larger than a few I have!!! 2 of mine have gotten eaten by bunnies.


Your Massandra scion is very fast growing and fruited for me.


I have a few suckers…


My Massandra tree does not like the poor soil and heat we have had. Leaves turned yellowish and New leaves got burned. This happened during bloom time. I don’t think I get any fruit set due to the tree was under a lot of stress :weary:

I had to add compost and mulch. It looks better now but may be a bit late.


My Massandra is not growing like the others. It has a big fruit set this year and maybe that’s why it’s not growing but it is still very tiny.


i am probably more excited about that fruitlet than you are, haha


Hey all
It has just occurred to me while in the cooler today that we have the list of jujube scion wood left over that we will Have used from in the last 10 days and this was all cut in the spring

But I have stored it more than a year and still grafted with it

Kima 10 \

Sugar Cane 20

Lang 4

Coco 10

Bok Jo 4

Jin 10

Black sea 10

Priest 10

La Fleur 10

R7T2 Pepper Jujube 10

Shi Hong 15

So / Contorted 13

Tsao 10

R4T3 5

Xu Zhou 11

Tigers tooth 3

Li 30

R1T4 2

Let us know if you want any same prices still apply but it would have to be sent expressed to keep it fresh


Cliff England


Here’s a few of my future jujube rootstock!!!


What is the size and ripening time of La Fleur? Is it fairly productive?


Im looking forward to the list of jujubes that thrive in Kentucky.
I live in Florence, Kentucky and i notice a lot of info i find on jujube varieties comes from growers out west with a much different climate.
It has made me wonder what influence our humidity and rain fall will have on the fruit quality.


La Fleur
Mid season Medium fruit on a smallish tree not a heavy Producer here but very sweet and a delight to consume

Ours is planted on Farm # 1 and it is not in an Idea location and it is between 2 other Large Nut trees
My Plans is toy move it to another location on farm # 3



Sure like you mentioned I will list a selection of Jujubes that do extremely well here at our planting sites
Remember it is all about the planting site not so much about the soil and with Full Sun Exposure
From top to bottom in order of Ripening times and the ones that have produced well

Sugar cane
Honey Jar this is Different than Honey Pot
Redlands # 4
Tiger tooth
Black Sea
Shan Xi Li
Bok Jo
Dae Sol Jo
Xu Zhou is the last to ripen here in Late OCT to early NOV

Some of the others are hit and miss but the ones listed are our bread and butter for the orchard

We have some seedlings of Xu Zhou that is highly prized but are unnamed as of yet that a cross of the it and Lang

Sure some of them will produce a few fruit here and there but these are the money makers as in Produce

Thank you and good growing



I came to a conclusion that the 15 jujube varieties in my collection that Honey Jar is the best tasting, most sweetness, most productive, most crunchiness, most juiciest, and the earliest to ripen in my climate Z5 year in and out!!!


This loaded jujube rootstock mays help pollinated it.



Your trees are very fruitful. Are they in pots or in ground?

What’s the secret? Didyou spray the trees with something?


Also, Kansas heat really help your fruit size up fast. Mine are tiny.


All of them inground at 10 feet tall and six years old.



Mine are still tiny. Lang and DaBaiLing


I think the age factor is the really big thing. This is my most productive tree…Chico. I bought it in fall 2016 in a 15 gallon pot and it had an old appearance to its bark. It was about 5 ft tall. It’s not but about 6 1/2-7 foot now and droopy but on third leaf (for me) and I’d bet it was a 4-5 year old tree (if not older) when I bought it.

We are very impatient to get our young bareroot trees to fruit like these older ones. And I want to tell mine to hurry up…I’m not getting any younger… :flushed: :joy::joy::joy: