Jujubes- Our New Adventure


I am in zone 6a, sometimes 5b.

Honey Jar, Sugar Cane, Shanxi Li have all ripened starting in Sept in that order.

So and Massandra ripened in time, too, but they are new trees. Timing may be off.


I don’t know how they would do on the east coast, but here in California Autumn Beauty and Black Sea are usually the first two to ripen fruits around the second week of August. Sugar Cane follows them closely and then Massandra. Honey Jar, Li and Shanxi LI are much later for me.


Glad to hear that your Autumn Beauty and Black Sea are early for you. Hope they are early for me, too.


What do you guys and gals do with jujube suckers growing at the bases of the trees?

No way I could dig them out without damaging the roots of the mother trees. I also am concerned that if left untouched, those suckers would compete with the mother trees for nutrients.

Should I just take them out like I did with plums and apple suckers?
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I find it hard too. Advice given to me was to sacrifice the sucker of a young tree but once your tree is well established you could take it up. I had one come up by my Chico and it was three foot tall before I realized it was a sucker. I find it very hard to dig them out and get enough roots for them to survive. Many times they have been 6-8 inches down before you get to root level. I think it’s easier to get them when dormant but some of them can grow to be too big by that time. So we need some good advice here from experienced sucker diggers!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I mowed some and kept some by taking a knife and cut the sod horizontal about two feet with the sucker right at the center and make one vertical cut at each end also about 2 feet. I used the knife to cut the soils under the sod and fold them outward away from the sucker and dug it up and potted it. Filled back the soils and flipped the sod back in place. Do this in the Fall.


I had to read your instruction twice!!! It sounds complicated. May try. Thank you.


You can do it. Just think of the 2 U cut shape backing up to each other. I am smilling right now!


Yes, just cut them out.


i agree, beheading close to ground level is the easiest way of getting rid of them, but if you want to use them as rootstock , you can try digging them up. The only caveat with digging them up now is that the mother trees seem to be relatively young, which may compromise the fruits they currently have if a substantial amount of roots get damaged. If you’re worried about possible fruit-drop, waiting until dormancy would be your best bet(for the mother tree). Root loss/damage is not as deadly during dormancy as it is when trees are leafed out, because dehydration occurs mostly via transpiration through the foliage

main reason why it is safest to ship trees when they are dormant


I took you guys’ advice to get rid of suckers. Last evening, I started with So since the tree was in ground 2018 (at this location). It already had a small sucker.

So I yanked the sucker out. To my surprise, the sucker came off easily with good roots and some new rootsdeveloping. It is a miniature jujube tree!!! I potted it up.

Hopefully it will survive. I did not know it would have its own roots so I yanked it out of the ground quite violently. Oh, well, learning something new all the time.


All the recent writings about suckers caused mine to sucker also :joy:
I had to remove gras and weeds among mine plants and I was surprised with little sucker :crazy_face: it was completely in grass so it was impossible to notice before.

I dont know what variety could be, I bought grafted plant and I know that is shanxi li. Rootstock is unknown. Tomorow I will watering heavily all of my plants so I’ll try to remove soil with fingers and see if I can remove it. Think that is not deep. I was expecting to sucker my other jujube, it’s in ground for 2 years and this one only 1 yr. And it is much smaller. But there is no rules. Tomorow I’ll post update.
Please write more about jujubes so I can benefit from mine :slightly_smiling_face:


For @mamuang some photos about my soil.

I think that is more clear now why I am watering jujubes. Even if I dont want to I must watering other plants and they are near to jujubes. Besides it wont harm them. Its strange soil totally, it have moist but in deeper layers, while the top gets dry and have cracks. If left without water they split a lot and could harm roots from young trees. And I have well in my property so the water is almost unlimited :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting. Suckers usually have thicker stems and stronger growth because they are getting their nutrition from a larger established root system. But the leaves are mature and not juvenile.


@castanea Huh I’m not sure now. Especially when I saw how thin root is. Yesterday I abundantly watered plants, and root was exposed. It was just a mm deep. I took photos, at first I was trying with one hand but it was hard to untangle from other roots, so I used both. I break one root in that process. But in the end it was excellent. I now have nice young seedling.

Is it a sucker? Maybe. Root was growing horizontally, if it was some seedling then it will go down :thinking: Questioning myself that maybe I planted some seedling next to named variety :exploding_head:
I dont have much place here, so when im trying to get something I plant wherever I can. This year jujube seedling share space with rootstocks for cherry,peach and almond. I will plant most of them next year (my grafts was very successful) and in their place I will plant something else. I have empty lot next to mine, but I cannot find the owners to ask them if they would sell it. That will be the best thing for my hobby, then I will be enthusiast at full :grinning:


Dae Bai Ling


What are the best five most crunchy, sweet, and juicy jujube in your climate. Since you have arouund 40 plus varieties.



Continuing the discussion from Jujubes- Our New Adventure:

I am not a super taster and I can not quantify Juicy in the jujubes

But from Our Asian Family this is there picks of all the cultivars that we have that I can remember as we have well over 100 cultivars on the farms and growing

Bok Jo
Dae Sol Jo
Jin Chang # 1
Jin is pretty good
Lang For My Taste
Sugar Cane
Honey jar
Black Sea My Son really likes
Redlands # 4 is my Favorite
Tigers tooth for taste
Sherwood and I was so surprised as how good it is

The year Roger M. Passed WE received some scion wood from Shirley and it was just labeled SW1 thru 5 and I have no Ideal what they are but they are some excellent jujubes

I emailed Shirley and asked her to send us some of the rarer cultivars that we did not have and that Roger liked and these are the ones she sent I suspect these are from Australia but I am unsure of the Details but I will be posting more Photos this fall

You Know I sat for 3 hours last night reading all of these post and Thank you all for the Kind works and the following information
When you have to make a living out of the trees/farms that you grow it takes some of the fun out of it

We continue to expand the planting and the main hinderance in the darn Deer and Squirrels and this year the trees are beat up a bit for the wild life

Thank you and good growing

Cliff England


Thank you for your response. Will you name SW 1-5?

How long do you think they will be available at your nursery, please?


The SW1 thru 5 is slow growing and Grafted here and there but most of them I have named Roger or Myers # 1 and So on

The list below is just of the Farm # 3 list and there is many more plus this list id over 2 year old

We will be doing an inventory this fall but before SEPT so just stay tuned

We grafted many new ones this year and it will be a few year before they are available and after they have been evaluated

We grew some Shi Hong a few year back but our tree produces very sparsely good fruit but not for this climate

That is some thing else I want to do is do a list of the one that thrive in our humid area in Kentucky

The list below will give you and I deal of what is available

Row 1 Tree PLT 2015 1. Topeka 2. XC 815 3. YU Jujube 4. Sang Wang 5. Hanna Zao (Frog) 6. Silber Special Jujube 7. Huping Jujube 8. Chico 9. MI AKA Gourd jujube 10. Hui Jo 11. Orange Beauty 12. Dragon Yong Dae Chu 13. Tea pot 14. Jun 15. Globe 16. Huk San 17. Sherwood Rooted 18. Don Polanski 19. Dae Bai Ling 20. Linyi Pear Jujube 21. MU Jujube 22. YU jujube

Row 2 Tree PLT 2014 1. HULU Jujube 2. Roger Meyers SW-1 3. MU Jujube 4. Fitzgerald 5. Huk San 6. Dragon Yong Dae Chu 7. Xu Zhou Xu Zhou England’s G 6 feet 8. Honey Jar G 3 feet 9. Root stock 10. Honey Jar G 3 feet 11. Kima Bay Laurel G 8 feet 12. Honey Jar G 5 feet 13. Li DWN G 8 X 8 14. Honey Jar G 3 feet 15. Jin RM G 8 X 4 16. Honey Jar Small G 17. SDL SMALL fruit 18. Honey Jar G 19. SEEDLING to dig 20. Honey Jar G 6 FT 21. Li – LEC G

Row 3 Tree 1. Seedling small fruit 2. Wang Dae Chu KO G 3. Shan Xi Li G RM 6 x 3 very large fruit
4. Tigers tooth JF 5. Seedling root stock Large tree med fruit 6. BOK JO G 7. Black Sea OGW Small 8. MAT DAE CHU G 9. Black Sea OGW G 10. BULUSHU ZAO G 11. Seedling SDL OGW G 12. TAE SANG WANG G 13. Massandra OGW G 14. Honey Jar G 15. Wang Dae Chu Han kuk G

Row 4 Tree 1. Redlands #4 ** 2. Hana Zao Chun kuk G ** 3. DONG Zao 4. Meyers Roger 5. seedling 6. Autumn Beauty 7. SO, JUJUBE G 8. ‘Dong Zao G 9. SEEDLING RED TAG 2 TREES 10. MU G 11. JIN JUJUBE 12. Tigers Tooth G 13. Sugar Cane G 14. Utah jujube G 15. MA YA ZAO = MOONLIGHT G

Row 5 Tree 1. Li LEC G 2. MEYER’S RM G 3. Meyers G 4. Fitzgerald Jujube G 5. Seedling Root stock 6. Massandra G 7. Autumn Beauty G 8. ‘Honey Jar G 9. Sherwood LEC, LG FRUIT SWEET G 10. Wal Dae Chu Chun kuk 11. Zhou Chui Wang Chun China G 12. BULUOSHU ZAO G 13. 2 trees as one Dong Zao +Wu He Zao 14. ‘Wal Chul Dae chu 15. BOK JO G

Row 6 Tree 1. Coco NWN G 2. Sherwood G LEC small tree G 3. Globe G RM 4. SDL Graft failed SMALL FRUIT 5. Xu Zao G 6. BOK Jo SY very nice fruit LARGE TREE 7. Shi Hong G 8. YU G RM 9. Bok Jo G 10. Dae Sol Jo G 11. Silverhill 12. Coco NWN G 13. NITRA JUJUBE G 14. JIN Chang Jujube G

Row 7 Tree 1. Jin jujube 2. Meyers G jujube 3. Zho Tao OLI G 4. Park jujube 5. Sans Pepine OLI graft buried G 6. Wang Dae Chu 7. Winter Delight G 8. Mu Deung Dae chu 9. Shan Xi Li Chun Kuk G 10. Globe RM 11. ‘Jin – RM small tree G 12. JIN 13. Shan Xi Li 14. Shi Hong 15. Jewel Jerry L. rooted

Row 8 Tree 1. Seedling juju 2. Jun Zao Jujube 3. Seedling jujube 4. Sui Jujube S.M. 5. Shan Xi Li 6. Dae Sol Jo Han Kuk 7. Jin Chang Chun Kuk 8. Black Sea OGW 9. Hetian Jade juju 10. Da Baj (ZAO) 11. Hetian Jade juju 12. Shirley Meyers 13. Shan Xi Li Chun Kuk 14. Black Sea OGW 15. Sherwood rooted

Row 9 Tree PLT nov 2017 1. Seedling Black Sea OGW dead 2. Bok Jo Chun Kuk 3. Redland # 4 2016 4. Hana Zao 5. Wang Dae Chu 6. Globe SM 7. R4T3 TVA jujube pepper jujube 8. Topeka rm 9. Sherwood rooted from Texas 10. Roger Meyers Big Fruit 11. Jin Chang Chun Kuk 12. Abbeville RM 13. Hetian Jade Chun Kuk 14. Shan Xi Li 15. Shi Hong RM

Row 10 Tree PLT Nov 2018 1. Sherwood rooted clone 2. ____________ 3. Globe 4. _____________ 5. Sherwood Rooted Clone 6. ______________ 7. Mi AKA Gourd Jujube 8. ____________ 9. Qi Yue Xian Jujube 10. _____________ 11. Tae Sang Wang Jujube 12. _______________ 13. Sherwood Rooted Clone 14. ____________ 15. Qi Yue Xian Jujube