Jujubes- Our New Adventure


These stayed in ground for over four months and I think it was too cold when I planted them out in late February.


Whats your thoughts on Lang , .GA 866 , Contorted Jujube.
I know I am getting again Honey Jar.


Naeem maybe they are still alive. Just day or two ago I saw that one jujube seedling, which was completely dry in spring, is growing from roots again. After all you can cut one root branch to see if there any life in it and be sure.


Seedlings are different than the mother.


For me, Lang is one of the worst tasting jujubes. It’s supposed to be for drying not fresh eating but I find it to be forgettable either way. Contorted also has forgettable fruit. GA866 has very good fruit at its peak but for me it’s often not at its peak.


So what are your favorites one, I like fresh eating and sweet.


Keep in mind climate and soil also influences the taste of fruit. East coast and west coast where Castanea is are quite different,

In addition, taste is subjective. What one likes could be quite different from what you like. There are plenty of people who like G866 and So/Contorted.

Feedback from people living in the east coast could be more applicable to your situation.

Also, you need to take into consideration ripening time of each variety. It will do you no good if the best tasting one you want cannot ripen in time for you.


Although I was aware of it, I’m ashamed to say that as a Catholic raised in Joplin I’ve never been to Marian Days. I did go to High School with the Vietnamese young seminarians (they were called CMC or Congregation of the Mother co-redemptix at the time).

I’m very intrigued looking into this event. I’m going to make it a point to attend one year.


Please tell me that ‘Sweet Tart’ is coming to the Ozarks with you.


Ripening time can be really different too I think. We are behind this year from last year on my jujubes. This time last year I was eating the last of my Honey Jars. This year it looks as if Chico and So/Contorted will ripen before HJ does. More info later. Maybe it’s just HJ that is really late and I don’t know why really. Maybe I’m just getting impatient!!!


It is not coming to MIssouri. The fruit matures late October through early December in zone 9. I don’t think it would mature in zone 6 at all.


Keep in mind that jujube fruit matures differently in different climates and flavors seem to express themselves differently in different climates as well. I have a hot dry growing season with occasional cool nights. For me, Autumn Delight, Black Sea, Chico and Orange Beauty are all excellent. Sihong is sometimes excellent. Sherwood is very good. Dae sol Jo is very good. Porterville is very good. Sugar Cane and Shanxi Li are very good. Coco is very good. Massandra is very good. Jin/Chang is forgettable. Globe is tasteless. Polenski is similar to Lang but better.


We’re really thinking the same here. This is actually one of my big goals for the future - to make jujube fruit available in SW Missouri. Springfield has a couple of very nice markets and Webb City has a great one as well. I’m working on it but it just takes time. I have close to 200 trees in the ground but many are 1st or 2nd year only. I’d like to keep adding new cultivars but selection seems difficult. The dozen I’m focusing on now we’re recommendations from England’s… thanks to Cliff.


Cliff is a great help.


Of my five trees, Sucar has the most flowers every year. They set fruit at a decent rate, too.


A beautiful site!!!


I have 3 suckers?. The 2 tiny ones I am not sure if they are suckers or seedlings because I also planted seeds under the trees (eating juj7bes under the trees and buried the seeds underneath them :smile:.

This larger must be a sucker. It is growing outside the raised bed!!!
I probably missed it last year among my strawberry plants. It is over a foot tall now and flowers. I have pollinated the flowers with other varieties. I hope it set fruit.


That’s cool! I have about 4-5 small suckers under my trees. My Li throws suckers all the time but they usually get mowed down. Our lawn mower was in the shop for a week so I have them marked now. That one is actually far enough away to get to it easily for moving it when it is time.

It’s actually a nice looking sucker with large leaves. I hope it fruits too!


When I reread this it sounded as if I was talking about the sucker under my tree but I was talking about yours! Just for clarification.


My Li is flowering now. I don’t know if will set fruit yet. Any recommendations for early fruiting Jujubes for the east cost?