Jujubes- Our New Adventure


When is your first frost? Ask @tonyOmahaz5 he freezes his to eat! Lol.

They can ripen pretty quick and it’s got pretty good size already. And HJ can be eaten when they turn creamy colored before they get fully brown.


I think the pic is deceiving. Its about the size of my thumb! Hahah! Anyway my estimated frost is October 15th. Still good you think?


I am half a zone colder. Most of my HJ are about that stage, too. They will ripen in time. Probably in a week or two.

Like @k8tpayaso said, HJ can be eaten before they turn brown. I like them when they are half brown and crunchy. Very addictive.


Awesome! I almost sh!t myself when I saw it there. It had flowers for the longest time, just no fruit. The sugar cane I planted this spring had nothing either. I almost gave up on it. Not knowing how long it would take to ripen. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it. So, yours get fruit and ripen regularly in your zone?


Lol , I have one lonely jujube on my hj that I have been watching. It is still green but at least it is still there.


Planted my first jujbes in; 2016. HJ fruited the first and since then. It is productive comparing to other varieties. Full sun and close plants is helpful to jujube production.


I have one HJ left…about that size on a tree I just planted this year…it’s my last juju of the season! :cry::cry::cry:


Do you get consistent fruiting? I’m really hoping these work well for me. I am loving how they avoid all the pest pressure. I was a little skeptical about planting these in my zone, but if I get continued fruit increase with age and size, I’ll definitely add more.


I feel your pain. My first and last all in one shot😂


I don’t have any fruit this year, but last year I had many of HJ and Sugar cane until mid-oct. I live at WNY too, but zone 6a.


James, where are you located? I’m below the escarpment, a few miles away from Lake Ontario.


I live at Buffalo area, I protected my jujube trees for 2 years already to make sure they won’t die of the cold winter.


Gotcha, I was worried earlier this year when they took such a long time to leaf out. I’ve got a little buffer from the prevailing winds, so I think I’m good on the protection. It’s nice to know there’s someone on here that’s local with the same interests. I may pick your brain from time to time😂


I was there at one time… :wink:

It will get better!


It’s common for jujubes to leaf out later than other fruit. I’ve seen some bird pecking this year as far as having an issue.

@tonyOmahaz5 grows jujubes in ground in zone 5 so it can be done.


I have been eating my Honey Jar fruits in the last week. Now most of them starting to turn browish color near the stem. I probably will freeze about 5 gallons ziplock bags in the next few weeks. I got to save room for pawpaws.



My Sugar Cane has started to turn brown this week.

HJ is still behind. Hj probably will start to turn color some time next week.


My largest fruit this year so far has been a Porterville jujube. Larger than Shanxi Li and Dae sol Jo. Unfortunately my wife ate it while I was at work and I got no photo.


I have two this year both from HJ. See the picture below so I share your feelings. There is one still hanging on the tree. I also have several Li and Lang and they did not fruit this year and they have been in the ground several years. They are about 6ft in height.


As big around as a thumb sounds about right for Honeyjar, at least based on my first two years with a still small tree.