Jujubes- Our New Adventure


I’ve been considering adding jujubes next year but haven’t eaten them. I was excited when I found these at a local Asian supermarket, but they are pretty bland and only a little sweet. Now I’m thinking of drying them to intensify the flavor, but wondering if I should leave them for a few days to get riper. Do they get riper sitting around?


The Li fruits that I bought from the Asian market 10 yrs ago were so bland and spongy that I can’t even swallowed them. That was the reason for me to grow my 7 Honey Jar jujube trees.



They don’t really get riper. They just dry out. Drying can make them sweeter but they become a totally different eating experience when they dry out.

Store bought jujubes are frequently picked too early. Don’t judge jujubes by those.

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like a good fresh ripe jujube.


Jujubees don’t have a long shelf life, 7-10 days. Straight off the tree they’re great. Sometimes the ones in markets are a little old


My Massandra, 4 fruit on a 2 fr tall tree. Soil lack nutrient so lesson learned.


My Massandra is very slow growing and it had the same treatment as the others. I did get about 6 fruit. The tree may not be 2 foot tall. But the fruit is good. Maybe they will grow next year. :thinking:


I definitely need to amend the soil. Massandra and So were planted on mounds made of alot of used potting soil from last year. The soil has little ability to retain water and little nutrient left.


I hit all of mine late January with 13-13-13. I had a soil sample last fall and put lime down then. Instead of using the N-P-K all over I just hit all my trees with it. It sure made a difference on most. I don’t know if maybe Massandra might not have gotten enough since it was such a small tree. :woman_shrugging:


It took me a while to get around some restrictions and split the big 123 MB file to ten pieces and upload here.
Have a nice reading!

Jujube-2016-01.pdf (7.5 MB)
Jujube-2016-02.pdf (7.7 MB)
Jujube-2016-03.pdf (7.7 MB)
Jujube-2016-04.pdf (7.1 MB)
Jujube-2016-05.pdf (7.7 MB)
Jujube-2016-06.pdf (9.0 MB)
Jujube-2016-07.pdf (7.8 MB)
Jujube-2016-08.pdf (5.7 MB)
Jujube-2016-09.pdf (6.0 MB)
Jujube-2016-10.pdf (8.2 MB)


Nice find. Thanks for the work downloading them.


@pileta Thank you very much.


“Frog” jujubes.


Hello everyone,
Can i consider this as already rippen or should i rather wait few days? (Lang)

It will be my first jujube fruit ever :slight_smile: and i also never teste it :slight_smile: so i already very curious how it will taste and to be honest… I am really eager to test it :slight_smile:

I already planted 7 trees this year (3 different varieties and i will graft more in future) so i really hope that i will like it. :slight_smile:


Thanx pileta!!!


Wanna see a yuuuuuuuge jujube?

That was the only fruit on my little Coco tree. It was a one-gallon tree when I planted it last year and it didn’t do much growth-wise its first season, but it beefed up a little this year. I shared it, so only got a teensy sliver—but it was very good! Tasted like a super-sweet apple.


Don’t feel bad. My large 4 yr old Shanxi Li is carrying ONE fruit after flowered profusely.


Had my first one today, either a Honey Jar or Sugarcane. I forget which tree is which at the moment.

I found it kind of dry, but not in the bad way that peaches can get. The taste reminded me a lot of a caramel apple. I hope they start growing well, as neither one has put on that much new wood but I only planted them this year.

My hopes for them have risen significantly.


Mine was like that last year. This one it have more than 30 fruits. And bigger than before.

I had to measure them this way cause I don’t have anything else for size comparison. But after @castanea’s photos of frog,orange beauty,autumn beauty and porterville jujubes I had to do something. My hands are not big so people can get wrong impression of size of the fruit if I take photo from hands :grinning:
Unlike shanxi li the tigertooth jujube have only few fruits that will ripe on time but grown more than 3ft this year. Still have flowers and fruitlets,hundreds of them. Good thing is that those few fruits are also larger than last year.
Here’s photo


Forgot to tell that now I’m questioning which variety is the largest. So many tempting photos, I need to start making a wish list of varieties :crazy_face:


Ok! I’m totally new to jujubes - and I’m in zone 6b western New York. I waited all damn summer for something to happen from my honey jar. It flowered and finally fruited what’s the consensus? Will I be able to eat a ripe honey jar this year?