Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Autumn Beauty, always one of my earliest.


Ahh you’re killing me with these photos :drooling_face:
Now I realize that I want many varieties,at least a dozen. Is it too many plants? :grin:


You will get there someday. I got Fifteen 2 years old HJ seedlings on trial and 6 productive Honey Jar jujube trees and 4 multi grafted jujube trees with 10 plus varieties.


Here is a photo of one the Honey Jar seedling with fruits. Possibly a keeper .


I hope the fruits taste better than its parent HJ crossed with something. 10 plus varieties.

Real HJ


GI 1183. Very productive. Despite Roger Meyer’s description that this produces an excellent fruit, the fruit on mine has always been forgettable. It’s very late so not a good one for short growing seasons. Does anyone in LAS VEGAS or TEXAS grow it?


I don’t have it. Lol. Mine are all babies anyway. @Bhawkins might.

Btw what do you do with copious forgettable fruit?:flushed:


I’ve never tried it. Doesn’t seem to get good reviews.


The fruit dries and the critters eat it, unlike che fruit which nothing will eat.


I just keep thinking that it might do well in a different climate.


First Orange Beauty fruits this year -


I suppose your right, it should be more widely tried since R Meyer like it. I’m glad you have a tree so the variety won’t disappear.


I don’t mind trying it…I have plenty room.


Let’s try to remember to get you some wood. I will probably be moving in December so that’s the last chance I will get to send out wood.


Do you have a list of all your trees? Perhaps we could get wood from your rare varieties


I don’t have a list. I probably have at least 40 cultivars. The nice thing is that Cliff England probably has almost everything I have, except for maybe one of two, and other people have those.


Blows away my 15 or so cultivars!


:scream: whoooa man. You’re my idol :grin:


Thank you, but jujubes are my second love. Don’t ask how many chestnut cultivars I have.


Surprisingly tasty jujubes. They have a complex flavor.


They allso have an interesting shape


Most jujubes with interesting shapes don’t have very good flavor so these surprised me.