Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Looks like Honey Jar. Sounds like Honey Jar.


My Honey Jar fruits shape varied depend on my climate of the season. Here were the HJ from previous season.



Anything is better than grass… I am convinced many of the worlds problems would be solved if we eradicated grass from the suburban landscape. Lol


I agree, that explains the poor condition of my yard, lol. At least my first year honey jar grew pretty good. One fruit that fell off but I’m still happy.:grinning:


That’s some awesome growth for the first year. I planted one in April and it got off to a great start but then got stunted for some reason. It’s still at the same stage as it was end of May. Only thing I can think of is that it got stunt because I sprinkled Preen over the mulch around it.


Whoa thats very big growth for first season. Mine tigertooth this year grow a lot, still growing, but it is 3rd year in ground. On other side I have shanxi li and this plant for tje same time grows just a few inches. Although I had to replant it last year. But shanxi li have much more fruits :slightly_smiling_face:

tigertooth has smaller and much less

And one nteresting branch, last year had horizontal growth and this years decided to reach the sun :grin:


Forgot to ask in previous post about pruning. I welcome any suggestion for that. Will the pruning make change for fruit production, or some other benefit?


That is beautiful. … keep up the good work!


Yes , it took off once temperatures went up in june … It was a replacement for one damaged in shipping. 1 of the main roots was broken back to inside the trunk on the first. They told me to plant it anyway after removing that root and i received a new one within one week. This is the damaged one.
1566474939711sorry about that sideways pic.


I am a novice, have no ideas concerning pruning.


I lost a big branch on my Sihong last night. It was heavily weighted with fruit but most of the fruit came off the branch as I was trying to extricate it from the tree.


Wow , sorry to see that happen …




Sorry for the loss.
I never thought this could happen to jujubes because their fruit size are usually a lot smaller than peaches or pears. Good to know.


My Sihong is over 25 years old. This year it has produced the largest crop I have ever seen, by far. One of my persimmons also produced its largest crop and it lost a big limb just two days before this. On the other hand, most of my chestnut trees have very small crops this year. Weird.


Porterville jujubes -


Wow, really big ones. Can you compare them with shanxi li? I mean fruit size and taste.


They are a sweet/sour type jujube like Chico. The fruit does get larger than these. On of the most unique qualities is that the seed pod is very small, one of the smallest I’ve seen in any jujube cultivar, even those with small fruit.


Chico is one of my favorites. Will have to look into these.


Last winter we gave a local tree service one of our business cards about jujubes. The guy said “Oh, I’ve got one of these trees, come look at it!” We just checked back with him today and gathered some fruit from his trees (the mother tree has suckered quite a bit). Here are pictures of fruit and tree.

Story on this tree is that it is in his tree service yard and has been there lots of years…since before he took the business over from his dad. The origin is unknown.

The taste is kinda like Li but denser texture. And it has a bit of tart undertone but not as much as Chico. Any ideas of variety ancestry?

PS. Please excuse the hair on the pit…lol…it’s either mine or the cat’s but I’m betting on me…my cat is a shorthair!