Jujubes- Our New Adventure


(And the 6 pawpaw trees next to the Jujubes look great too.)


here in vegas, and if size is important, then sihong is my most recommended(for both fresh eating and as dried dates). Our sihongs actually ripened earlier than li this year, not sure why. Li is generally bigger but would much prefer them as fresh fruits, and ripened in oct to nov, as the ones ripened in july to aug are often dry.


Has anyone heard of a jujube variety called Jiang?

If you do, what do you think about it?

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@tonyOmahaz5 Large and early fruit for drying is Lang or Dae Sol Jo

@JeremiahT SO and so is the same and the name like so it is sticks but registered as "Contorted " But Roger Meyers said it is SO AKA So or so but commercially it is known as contorted

@k8tpayaso you and any one else is welcome to visit any time there will be so much fruit this year that we will have a hard time moving all of it


I remembered there was a variety called Jin / Chang jujube and not sure about Jiang jujube. Sophia got a jujube cultivar grown in Arkansas from China that She bought several kilos to eat because she liked them so much while visiting China. She said it tasted better than any fresh eating jujube she ever had that included Honey Jar. That meant a lot for this cultivar. It must be a new cultivar for fresh eating but I think it is a late to ripen due to the name Zhan Hua Winter Delights.



The brother of our friend visited us today. He is from CA and has grown all kinds of fruit trees for over 20 years. He said among all the jujubes he has grown, he likes Li and Jiang the most. He said Jiang was sweet, crunchy and on a small size ( sound like HJ :):grin:

Where he lives, the climate is like the Mediterranean, five miles from the Pacific.


Great. You have to ask him for a stick and graft it next Spring and plz broadcast it the following year. We will owe you one for introducing another good fresh eating jujube variety.


I wonder if he meant Li and “Lang” and not Jaing? Li and Lang are the most common jujubes, and are the ones that I planted 10 years ago because I could get them fairly easily at the time.


No, not Lang. He has both Li and Lang. He even spelled out Jiang to me.

He did not know about Honey Jar. He has Sugar cane and several other varieties. I showed him my grafted of Orange Beauty from @castanea.

Maybe someone who knows Chinese coukd tell us what Jiang means!


Hmmm… I used to know someone of Korean descent with that last name, I wonder if it is named after a person?


I have never heard of Jiang.


I will text him and ask about the name again.

Unfortunately, he just sold his farm and moved. He told me he would ask the new owner for scionwood for me if possible.


makes me think the spelling would be a factor as jiang may be the same as chiang, which is pretty close to chang. Phonetics and semantics are a huge problem for jujus. Only proof of its unique identity would be if fruits differ from the chang and jin that some of us are aware of.


We was working in the Juju orchard again today and I have discovered that one of our grafts was over taken by a root stock sucker
the name was BULUOSHU ZAO Did I perhaps pass this on to anyone else

the reason I ask it is supposed to be a really large fruit with a small pit for processing and I have never ate the fruit so I can not verify this and I am hoping some one else can please

We only had one tree of it for some unknow reason

Thank you in advance



My husband who drives a lot on his job just asked for a bag of jujubes to take with him on his day tomorrow … I actually think this is the fruit he eats the most of!


Some people have a hard time believing me, but it’s the fruit I eat the most of, and it’s not even close.


My 4 Honey jar jujubes are absolutley loaded and bend over. I will be in jujube heaven in about 4 weeks.



Those look fantastic! I’ve had to support all my branches too. I’ve been eating now for a week or two and I’ve made a good dent in them. Will have to start rationing myself soon!!!


Nice! Mine’s got a grand total of 5. I organza bagged them in an attempt to keep whatever @#$% knocked off the sixth from striking again.


I just got the Honey Jar last October. The shape is round so do you think it is the correct variety? The fruits are small but very crunchy, sweet and juicy, a little better than the Sugar Cane that we got the year before. They both start ripening now.

Honey Jar

Sugar Cane