Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Honey Jar/SiHong—my SiHong are small this year…not much bigger than HJ. Both just starting to ripen.

Sugar Cane—juicy and very sweet…very sweet. Very small so far.

Lang—-actually pretty sweet and crunchy. I know it’s not supposed to be good but the two that I’ve had surprised me

Contorted—sweeter than I remember. One was from my Contorted on its own roots and it was noticeably sweeter than my grafted Contorted.

Chico—one of my favorites but still a little sour. Will probably sweeten up.


In other words, you like them all :wink:

I may have to wait a bit longer to find out how many varieties will hold on to their fruit. SC has flowered like crazy but not many fruit at all despite all kind of insects buzzing about.


I do like them all!

My SC does not have much fruit for the size of the tree. It was a “rescue” tree and has done a lot of growing this year and I think if they really concentrate on growth they don’t bear as much. I had very few Li last year but lots of growth. This year lots of fruit.


I share same opinion. This year tigertooh grow vigorously, even now still growing. Some branches grow over a meter now,or about 3 ft. By the way question for all of you. Is it a problem for you when i write in metric system? I can convert to imperial if its easier, after all im a guest here :slightly_smiling_face:
That tree also have lots of flowers, but tiny fruit for now. And not so much. Here’s a photo of biggest one.

But other jujube, shanxi li, had very small growth but lots of fruits. And sizing up pretty good from week to week. You’ll see the difference from photos. Also they get some reddish color recently.

This is the biggest one, now compare this with previous one.
And one more with better view of colours


I don’t think anyone here has a problem with metric.


NOPE… you are no more a guest than all of us are… you belong here


Cliff - I’m just curious why ‘So’ and ‘September Late’ didn’t make your list? In your experience, are they not as productive as the rest?


Michael There is so many really good ones that produce well here and So and Sept Late is 2 of them but in making the list above and there is so many that I have not tasted either to being young trees or because they will not produce here

For some production is subjective to Growing area , climate and weather while others produce so much that the trees are reduced in size and others grow vigorously and lack the amount of production

We as humans have our own preferences but So/ AKA Contorted and September late is both good but not on the top 10

Like @k8tpayaso said she is really impressed with Lang and so am I for production and taste flavors and it is a perception thing I can only guess




What is your experience and thoughts on a Witch broom disease on jujubes, please?


I have only seen it in photos and not in person

I have seen it manytimes is other species like walnuts and shurbs

I once thought i had a small tree that had it but it turned out to be dragons claw and it was a normal responce of growth


Thank youfor your response. I don’t think I have heard of dragons’ claws before. Google the term. Nothing came up.


I googled it and it came right up

Google Dragon claw jujube


I can appreciate that. I suppose I’ll see for myself how these cultivars perform long term in the Ozarks. But I’ve got a stellar base thanks to you.

I’m bound and determined to get over there and see your orchard one of these years. It would certainly be my top pick in the entire country, especially since we share a similar climate and growing interests.


just looked it up and really intriguing that Liberia, Burma. and USA are the three “stalwarts” sticking to lbs and feet. If you’re in healthcare though you have to go metric

they look like gru’s minions. They just need glasses


Yes, and since I am in healthcare I hope I didn’t over speak for all but I think nearly everyone here experiences metric interspersed with imperial. But I don’t do miles to kilometers well!! :flushed::flushed::joy::joy:

When I was a young girl (:rofl::rofl::rofl:) we were supposed to go metric…


We EO&N supplied those trees to the college several year ago ,
I say several year but it is like 1998 thru 2001 but I remember one of them is R4T3 and the other I would have to look up as a consulting company from Florida was the purchasing agent for those trees that was doing there landscaping



Here is the full orchard shots of just the jujube planting and I have to say this but they is 50 or so new ones we have to plant some where LOL and We are running out of room so it is nearly time to expand the area buy removing some of the near forest



Beautiful!! Would love to walk it.


Cliff and Raf,

What jujube variety with the biggest fruit for drying in your orchard with relatively ripen somewhat early before Winter time?



Quick—and maybe silly—jujube question: is the cultivar “So” pronounced like the word “so” or do you say “s. o.”? I’ve noticed it’s sometimes written in all caps, so thought it might be the latter. To play it safe, I’ve just been calling it “Contorted”! :grinning:


Weeds have gone byebye……looking good!